4 Items To Keep In Your Makeup Kit

by:Liya     2020-07-27
Aside from your usual arsenal of eye shadows, liners and lipsticks, take a swift look into your make up kit and check if you have these basics. These will surely keep you posh and pretty in the stickiest situations.
A small mirror, more popularly known as vanity mirrors, is a must for every girl. Sometimes you just have to check if you have a lipstick smudged on your teeth or check if your hair is a-okay. A bathroom mirror won't always be available so this compact mirror will surely spare you the trouble of checking your reflection at the back of the spoon.
Have an all around balm ready as parts of you make up kit. You never know when you would get scrapes, bruises or dry skin. Some will invariably use petroleum jelly and its okay if you're comfortable with it. Just make sure it is hypo-allergenic. You wouldn't want to irritate your skin further! The balm will also help get rid of germs and you can also use it as a lip balm for those naturally pouty lips.
Get natural-looking rosy cheeks by using a cheek tint readily available in your make up kit. You will always look like you've been in something romantic without looking overly made-up. It will keep you looking glowing but it will also lighten your mood knowing that you look good. Mix it with on a well moisturized face to achieve that rosy glow.
Keep a mineral-based powder at your make up kit. Instant touch-ups are made all throughout the day and keeping a good powder to keep you shine free will go a long way. Not only will this keep you shine and oil free, the mineral make-up is actually good for your skin. It is light and perfect for sensitive skin.

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