An Overview of the Most Important Hair Products for Women

by:Liya     2020-05-02
Hair is everywhere! In the media, in musicals, in advertisements, and television, not to mention on top of our own heads. The way you wear your hair can say so much about you. Are you a girlie girl with long, flowy locks or do you show your adventurous side with a short, daring 'do? Do you strictly stick to your natural colour or are you all about experimenting with dip dyes or streaks? Whatever your personal style, hair is something that requires maintenance. There's a plethora of hair products to try out there, and it can be overwhelming sometimes to decide which ones you need and which ones you can let fall by the wayside (and save your wallet a little work!). What follows below is a list of the most important hair products - products that you can use in many different ways and that should be a standard part of any woman's beauty arsenal. Hairspray Certainly the most ubiquitous thing on this list. Hairspray is a standard feature of any hair care routine. There are, however, a number of different types of hairspray that accomplish different things. There are hairsprays meant to hold a hairstyle, hairsprays which aim to add volume and body. There are also hairsprays which add thickness to hair. These hairsprays contain certain chemicals which increase the amount of minerals in the hair's roots, making it appear thicker. Hair Gel The use of hair gel has fallen out of favour in the last few years - or at least since the spiky 90s hairstyle went out of fashion. However, there are some very nice, quality hair gels that don't leave a wet, greasy residue in the hair, but simply add texture and body to hair or to tame the frizz in curly hair. It's important to buy a high quality gel, since so many cheaper varieties result in 'crispy' hair. Gel is useful for people with curly hair, as it can help hold curl and keep frizz down. Mousse Styling mousse is a great way to combine hold and texture. Apply it to wet hair and then blow dry for the ultimate in volume. Mousse also has a tendency to get crunchy, so like with the hair gel, look for a high-quality mousse. Avoid mousse containing alcohol if you have dry hair as this could cause the hair to become brittle. Pomade/Hair Wax Pomade or hair wax has a thicker texture than any of the other products. Though they are almost the same product, pomade usually contains some sort of oil as well as wax. These products also sometimes referred to as sculpting clay. Hair wax is perfect for people with short hair who are looking for a messy, just-rolled-out of bed look or just want to add a little tousled texture to their hair. Simply run fingers with pomade through the hair and tease with a comb. Finish off with some hairspray for an extra long hold. Anti-frizz Serum This is perfect for curly or frizzy hair, as the name implies. It is a thick liquid applied to the hair to give it sheen and body. These are silicone-based products that smooth out the hair shaft. If you don't have curly or frizzy hair, this product might tend to just bog down the hair.
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