Angular Stomatitis - A Major Health Issue

by:Liya     2020-08-02
Angular stomatitis is an excruciating cracking of the soft tissues of your lips. It crops up in the corner of the mouth, which discomforts the simple actions like speaking, drinking or chewing or any other movement of the lips. While many of us are aware of the inflammation of the lips occurs in cold weather but this condition may occur in any climate.
This health issue can be cured very easily if the infected origin is identified. If the cracking at the corner of the mouth is due to the cold atmosphere then just by applying some protective jells coating you can free yourself from the pain of this condition. You can apply medicated lip balm which will mild the problem of angular stomatitis and provide protection that allows the natural healing process to repair the cracks. If in case medicated lip balm is not available, then petroleum preserves will facilitate the lips to preserve the moisture required to get rid of healing.
Angular stomatitis is caused due improper nutrition because of which the inflammation of mouth occurs and then vitamin deficiency may be the root cause for angular stomatitis. Mostly lack of iron and vitamin B vitamins can be the result for dry patches on the lips. So by making some simple changes in your daily diet and also using vitamin supplements will help you to achieve the correct level of these nutrients and get rid of the incidence of angular stomatitis and also help you to heal.
Even after using all this treatment and home remedies you are not getting free from this infection, then you must go to your doctor and get it checked properly.

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