Anti Ageing Eye Cream

by:Liya     2020-09-09
Using a good quality anti ageing eye cream can relieve some of, or all of the following symptoms.
1) Puffiness around the eyes
2) Panda eyes, sometimes known as Raccoon eyes (Darkness around the eyes)
3) Under eye circles
4) Wrinkles, also known as 'crow's feet'
4) Sagging or droopy skin
The eye area is very delicate and the skin around the eyes is very fragile. We are constantly reminded of how this area changes as we get older because when looking in the mirror, the eyes tend to be the first area we focus on. Mature skin gets thinner as the years pass and the blue veins begin to show through the skin, this in itself can make the eye area appear much darker.
Of course, there are many other reasons why dark areas and circles appear around the eyes too, lack of sleep for instance. However,the blue tinge from all the tiny blood vessels that appear around the eyes, as we age is more permanent and is very hard to disguise.
What Ingredients Are In An Anti Ageing Eye Cream?
Ordinary creams can have a counter productive effect on the eyes. The sheer weight of these creams can often overload this delicate eye area and cause sagging or further wrinkles to appear.
Anti ageing creams contain many ingredients that can make them more effective than ordinary creams. Such ingredients can include Vitamin C, Caffeine, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol and of course Vitamin E. Each of these different ingredients will target a specific problem.
Tips For Using An Anti Ageing Eye Cream
Great care is required when applying anything to the eye area. Before we go out and buy an anti ageing cream we need to ask ourselves, is there anything we can do by way of changing our lifestyle that can help decrease the damage to our skin.
For instance we all know that cutting out excessive exposure to the sun, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol can reduce damage to the skin, but drinking more water can also help.
How To Apply Eye Cream
Put a dab of eye cream the size of a pea on the tip of one of your fingers. Split the pea sized cream between two finger tips, one on each hand. Use one fingertip on each eye to dot the cream in tiny micro dots over the surrounding bone area around the eyes.
Don't put cream into the orbital area as this may cause irritation if getting into the eyeball. Pat each of the dots gently, this will release the eye cream into the orbital area. Don't rub this fragile skin, simply pat the area until all of the anti ageing eye cream has been absorbed.
Look after your eyes and they will look after you.

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