BioSilk Hair Products Revive and Protect Your Hair

by:Liya     2020-04-27
Our world today is full dirty, hair damaging elements. From the car pollution we walk through as we stroll downtown to the sun beating down on our strands at the beach, every day we damage our hair. On top of that, we dye, blow dry, flat iron, brush, and touch our hair every day. So, let's protect our beautiful sexy assets with BioSilk Hair products that offer prescriptive solutions for every hair type. Offering a complete line of hair care, styling and finishing products for every hair type and hair care need, BioSilk is sure to protect and revive any damaged strands. So, go ahead and change to a blonde when you're ready to have more fun because BioSilk is here to make sure that your hair is always looking stunning and feeling healthy. BioSilk Smoothing Shampoo 34 oz We all know what a flat iron's heat can do to our hair. But yet, we go ahead and use them anyway! We love the smooth beautiful flatness that the heat can create. But what about those days that we skip the extra straightening step? Don't let your hair get so damaged by the heat that you can't let it go au natural some days! Keep your hair soothed and under control with Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo 34 oz. This stellar smoothing System saturates hair with Vitamin B and a dose of humectants to provide maximum moisture and smoothness to frizzy, uncontrollable hair. So go ahead and straighten away at those strands! This amazing shampoo will restore moisture and smoothness to your strands in no time. BioSilk Smoothing Balm 6 oz Keep your hair's shine and strength long lasting when you pair the BioSilk Smoothing Balm 6 oz with the BioSilk Smoothing Shampoo! This balm is infused with silk, ensuring that it gives you soft, healthy, and radiant hair. The BioSilk Smoothing Balm 6 oz contains 17 amino acids, which are guaranteed to rebuild damaged cuticles, reinforce your hair's natural strength to defend against your daily styling, and revitalize your hair for that irresistible look you crave. Be sure to apply this hard working balm to your mane after washing so that you can protect your hair during styling, and while you're out and about on the town. The BioSilk Smoothing Balm 6 oz will protect you everywhere from in front of the mirror, through the smog of the city. BioSilk Thickening Conditioner 12 oz Does your hair feel a little bit thinner these days? Is your beauty routine taking its toll on your long and lovely tresses? BioSilk Thickening Conditioner 12 oz is the perfect thing to get your head of hair back to its 'full' potential! Pair this with the Smoothing Shampoo and you'll be protecting and rejuvenating your scalp in no time! BioSilk Thickening Conditioner contains Vitamin B and Wheat Proteins, which are gently infused into the hair cuticle, adding fullness and thickness to each strand of hair, leaving you looking luscious and stylish. The silk proteins in the BioSilk Thickeing Conditioner 12 oz are built to penetrate hair, allowing it to condition and create an irresistibly sexy shine. As an added bonus, this product boasts UV filters, which protect hair from damaging UVA and UVB rays. So go spend that day at the beach and don't think twice when you've got the perfect tools to protect you all day long while you're having fun in the sun! BioSilk Shine on Spray 5.3 oz Complete your look of a healthy, youthful, and stunning head of hair when you add spectacular shine! One quick spritz and you're on your way to a frizz free hair day. The BioSilk Shine on Spray 5.3 oz is the perfect final step in your healthy and beautiful hair routine. This shine spray's weightlessness is unusual compared to its competitors, and will be a feature that you can't believe. Spray it on in the morning and control frizz all day, while providing your locks with instant and long lasting shine! The BioSilk Shine on Spray 5.3 oz also offers UV protection for those days that you're out in the sun for hours. So, go be a sunbathing beauty, or, take that 10 mile hike and know that your hair is both beautiful and protected! BioSilk Silk Pomade 4 oz Have a special occasion coming up that requires a classic up-do? Well look no further for the perfect tool to get the look you want. The BioSilk Silk Pomade 4 oz is the perfect finishing product to hold your style into place. Boasting a non-greasy formula, this pomade will provide a medium hold for that French Twist and beyond. It adds volume, control, and definition to your look so you never have to worry about how stunning it looks while you're on the dance floor! Get some shine and hold for your next big event with the BioSilk Silk Pomade.
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