Candid Insider Secrets And Hair Tools Revealed

by:Liya     2020-04-26
I had a talk with some friends a couple of weeks ago and some conversations I had with them compel me to write this article. This article has my candid answers to some questions and concerns my friends and relatives have about growing their hair long naturally. I hope these 'insider secrets' give you some value to take away and to use for your own hair growth journey. When you ask me what my secret is to having healthy scalp and hair growth - my biggest secret is that I take good care of my scalp and hair the best I can every day. I do my best to practice healthy living habits and keep to a 'hair-friendly' diet the best I can. Of course I do slack at times but I 'get back on track' before my scalp and hair condition get really bad. Do I use exclusive hair tools and gadgets? The pictures of my personal hair tools will surprise you. To be dead honest, the hair tools I use most are free! I do have two 'exclusive' hair brushes that came with an expensive hair treatment package I bought several years back. I also have a good hair brush that was given to me by a regular hair salon I went to. And some combs I got from a private hospital - given to me by a nurse. Then my scalp massage hair brush costs me about $10 which works great - I can conveniently massage my scalp like anytime I want such as when I am reading stuff online, reading magazines and reading a book. What I really want to share is - it is possible to 'improvise' to suit a tight budget. I know people who have to work 3 shifts or even 3 jobs to earn their living and this 'money saving' tip can really help them. Then homemade natural hair recipes are cheap. In fact, my mum grows some of these ingredients in her garden. That being said, it is best to use the hair stuff that best suits your unique scalp and hair condition. However, it does not have to be pricey at all for you to use it for the long run. Yet all these good hair stuff can conveniently fit into hectic daily life schedules while helping stressed out or tired out people rest and relax. Do I still go to salons and use hair products? Yes, I do. In fact, I go to hair salons once in a blue moon. Why do I go? Is it because the hair salon does my hair routine better? No. I go to a hair salon when I do have a bit of extra cash and feel like getting pampered - not because the salon does it better. Honestly, I do it better. This is the time I use 'outside' hair products. Or when I forget to bring along my own hair shampoo when I stay over at my relatives' for example, I will have to use whatever there is. However, there is one little pump bottle I carry around in my bag everywhere I go. My little of bottle natural hair spray, conditioner or moist comes in handy when I need to moist my hair. Do my hair care routines take a lot of my time every day? Since I do enjoy and have fun dabbling with my hair recipes - I feel it does not take too much of my time. As for my scalp massage routines, I do set a certain amount of time aside daily to massage my scalp - this is my most important routine. Scalp massage is something I need to do because it helps blood circulate up to my scalp - so that my scalp and hair follicles get the nutrients they need regularly. A healthy scalp grows healthy hair at its fastest speed. By the way, I feel that anything really worth doing in life usually takes effort and time - because the results are great and worth my while. I also love variety. I used to just stick to a certain hair potion or hair stuff and treatment. Now I have a buffet of hair stuff to dabble with and use as to 'how I feel' and they all work just as good for my scalp and hair. So no, I really do not feel all this that I am doing 'takes my time'. Most importantly, do stay positive and cheerful as much as you can and let your inner amazing self shine. I believe that inside each one of us is an amazing personality. Therefore, let your amazing personality shine and your hair will definitely shine with you - I truly believe that this is the most effective and most meaningful 'insider secret' you can take away.
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