Castor Oil For Hair And Skin

by:Liya     2020-04-18
Castor oil is a very beneficial oil especially when it comes to hair treatment and hair growth. It is a laxative and comes from castor beans. The yellow colored oil looks like refined mustard but isn't actually a mustard oil. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and contains lots of minerals and proteins. It has many benefits for your skin because it has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is unusual that it has many benefits but the main reason is due to this is because of the fatty acids that it contains. It consists of 91% of ricin oleic acid, which is chemically a very strong antibacterial agent. You may be asking yourself 'why it is good for your hair'? This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Our hair consists of very small roots and therefore proper blood circulation is very important for our hair. The oil is very beneficial for this reason as it greatly improves blood circulation around the scalp. One can easily apply it onto the scalp and massage it in for a few minutes. Blood circulation is very important for hair growth as it is like giving water to a plant. If you want to make you hair look stronger and for growing active hairs, then you should start considering castor oil. It is very effective oil and mainly it is very good for reducing hair loss. If you are bald and you want to grow hair, then look up for this oil. There are many people who were suffering from scalp infections because of their improper diet or any nutritional deficiencies. Pollution is also one reason which leads to scalp or hair infections. Washing your hair is good but washing it daily weakens and dries your hair, making it brittle. As I described earlier, castor oil is antibacterial and antifungal so it is good that you use this natural oil for treating your scalp. Bald patches can also be prevented by using castor oil. Ringworm and many other scalp disorders are treated with castor oil and many pharmaceutical companies are still improving its quality with their researches and products. Split ends are the main problem for many of us but it cannot be easily treated with any medicinal product. The oil which is high in vitamin E and other diverse nutrients easily penetrates the scalp to nourish it and therefore reduces split ends. The best property of this oil is omega 6 fatty acids content, which is really good for treating human hair growth and reducing split ends. Dandruff can also be treated with castor oil but other oils are usually used for this purpose instead. It is also helpful in moisturizing our skin and prevents dry or unhealthy skin.
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