Chapstick Addiction

by:Liya     2020-08-11
I know what many of you are thinking. There such a thing as chap stick addiction? Yes there is. And like any addiction is can get really serious to a point where someone really needs help. So what is this addiction all about you ask? This addiction is when someone needs to reapply chap stick constantly despite their lips not needing any moisturizing at all. Also when they do not have access to their chap stick they will freak out and become very frantic and they will feel like their lips are dry even though they will be perfectly fine. Also they will not calm down until they get their what they want.
You can avoid becoming dependent by not applying it when you do not need it. You might also consider going with a chap stick that is made out of natural ingredients because that might help. Also you will want to get a very good product that will fit your needs so you do not need to keep reapplying it. You will also want to avoid sun light exposure to your lips without any protection on them. This will cause them to become damaged and need lip products.
You can avoid becoming addicted and cure it using the same methods. You need to not lick your lips often because that will dry out your lips. You also need to not pick at them because picking at them will cause them to be irritated and need to be moisturized again.

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