Cheap Lip Balm Wedding Favors - Try Making Your

by:Liya     2020-08-05
So the day you dreamed of for all these years is finally around the corner. You met the perfect guy and have decided to take the plunge into marriage. At first it seemed like the happiest time of your life. The very thought of preparing for the big day seemed more exciting than anything you can think of. Then the reality of how much that big day could cost set in. You see costs adding up quick and it looks like your exciting adventure might just turn into a never-ending money pit.
It doesn't have to be that way though. With a little creativity it is very easy to cut costs on almost everything including your wedding favors. The first thing to remember is that each and every aspect of your wedding is a place to save money. Even the small things should not be overlooked. After all every little bit helps. For this article we are going to focus on a couple creative ideas to make inexpensive favors that are sure to be a big hit and keep that one aspect of your wedding under control.
Our first idea is to make your own lip balm wedding favors. Currently there are countless websites online that sell customized lip balm for $1-$2 per unit which is very expensive in our eyes. Instead, you can purchase blank lip balm off a company like Bulk Apothecary for.28 per unit. The next step would be to go up to staples or any office supply store and purchase printable labels that can be designed on your home pc. With a little creativity and a home pc, you can have your very own personalized lip balm wedding favors for less than.30 per unit and your guests will think you paid much more.
Our second idea is for you to make your own personalized gift bag with bath salts, lotion and bubble bath. Although more expensive than the lip balm, we realize many people have different budgets and felt it was important to give an idea for all budgets. For this idea you could purchase a basic lotion base, soap, bubble bath or bath salts from a company like Bulk Apothecary, Brambleberry or Essentials By Catalina to name a few. You would then purchase a fragrance oil and plastic bottle or jar of your choice. Take the unscented bases and add the fragrance oil and color to your liking with basic food coloring. Once you have your finished lotion or bubble bath simply fill it in your bottles or jars. The last step is to design your label just like you did with the lip balm favors and find a great gift bag at a hobby store like Hobby Lobby or Flower Factory. That's all there is to it!

Keep in mind the ideas above are two basic illustrations of how a little creativity can go a long way. The ideas could be mixed or matched and the bottles you use could range from small 1oz. bottles to 8oz. sizes or larger. Just keep in mind each decision will affect the total cost. Also keep in mind that this basic principle could be adjusted to include candles, candies or anything else you can think of. We used lip balm and lotion base for our ideas simply because we are one of the largest manufacturers of these items in the USA.

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