Cleansing Your Food & Water With Crystals

by:Liya     2020-09-17
With all of the foods and liquids we eat and drink each and every day, how do we really know if what we are putting into our bodies is healthy or not? We can, of course, wash the fresh fruits and vegetables and make our drinks with the best water we can find, but what about the underlying toxins that could be lurking around in them?
You can use crystal healing to cleanse any energetic under lying problems that are within the food we eat to make these the healthiest and best energetic vibrational levels before we ingest them into our physical bodies. You can also cleanse even the liquids we intake on a daily basis; water, soda pop, coffee, and many others. Liquids can also be cleansed and charged for the same vibrational match, just as our solid foods are done.
For food cleansing you will need to have a Clear Quartz Terminated Crystal for these sessions. Please do note that you will need to cleanse this crystal after each use as to not pass on any energetic vibrational levels to other foods.
Hold the Clear Quartz Terminated Crystal in your dominant hand and slowly turn the crystal clockwise 3 times over each piece of food before eating to remove these underlying toxins.
To remove toxins from a liquid for a cleansing you will need to do the same procedure. This can work for water, as well as other water-based drinks. Coffee, soda pop, tea, lemonade, and many others are all included in this list. Again, make sure you cleanse the crystal after each and every use.
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