Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products: Be Fashionable

by:Liya     2020-04-17
Recycling your used plastic, metal and glass items are great ways to show you care about the planet, but you can go one step further in your eco-friendly endeavors and purchase EPP eco-friendly hair care products. Adara and Nuxe Paris, high-end beauty brands, have already caught on to the EPP trend. What is EPP?: EEP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing) involves a product that has both a positive environmental impact and is manufactured in a way that protects the health of those who make and consume these eco-friendly hair care products, without foregoing quality, price or performance. EPP advocates steer clear from products that have a manufacturing process that is harmful to both the public and the environment. Recognizing EPP Products: How can you tell if your favorite beauty products live up to EPP standards? One way to find out is to check out the packaging and labels. Environmental features to look for include: -Energy efficiency. -Waste prevention. -Water conservation. -Recyclability the product. -Resource sustainability (the amount or types of raw materials used to make the product and the renewability of such materials). -A lack of toxic materials in the product. -Amount and type of packaging used, if the materials are recycled, or if they can be recycled after use. Benefits of Buying EPP Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products: -They can be budget friendly. -They can still be high-quality even if they are recyclable or made using sustainable practices. -They encourage the using less water. -They help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. -They decrease the amount of solid waste disposal. -They support efforts to keep the environment around a manufacturing -facility clean. -You can be a role model to others who seek quality beauty products. -Your purchase can help support a cause that you and your favorite brands share. -Quality eco-friendly hair care products (such as those from Adara) are made using natural or organic ingredients. Deciphering Eco-Friendly Terms: Sometimes it is difficult to decipher what some of the terms on product packaging means. For eco-friendly hair care products, look for the following terms on their bottles or boxes: 'pre-consumer,' 'postconsumer' and 'total recycled content.' Pre-consumer content or materials: This refers to the byproducts used after the manufacturing of a product is complete, before the product hits the shelves. Postconsumer materials: This refers to products that are made from sources like the recyclable goods you leave on your curb on garbage day or the paper that is recycled at your office. Total Recycled Content: This refers to the amount of postconsumer and pre-consumer materials used to make an item. For example, if you are looking at the packaging for a Nuxe Paris item and see that it is made from 80 percent postconsumer materials and 15 percent pre-consumer materials, then the total recycled content is 95 percent. Purchasing eco-friendly hair care products from a globally conscious vendor is the best way to show a little more TLC to the earth. Not only that, but it also ensures that your purchase truly is created and packaged via eco-friendly methods.
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