Emerging Hair Trends Focus on Color and Care

by:Liya     2020-04-21
Just as in fashion, hair care trends change as often as the seasons, with celebrities and media responsible for making bold statements that society tends to accept and follow. This was evidenced by the short hairstyles of Mia Farrow and Twiggy, followed by the feathered layers of shy Princess Diana, and the later 'Rachel' style worn by Jennifer Aniston on Friends. In the same way designers create lines of clothing with future seasons in mind, hair care companies are creating products with the future in mind, and the media is obliging by featuring the products in what seems as often as possible. One trend that's been around for quite some time is hair coloring, with a wide range of brands vying for disposable income dollars all in the name of beauty. However, today's companies have to work even harder to develop brand loyalists as statistics show a sizable percentage of shoppers wait until they're in the store to make a choice of products. Research shows that consumers are being swayed by in-store marketing appeal, rather than the never-ending blitz of hair product commercials on television that always seem to take the frizzy-haired girl-next-door and transform her into a shiny-haired supermodel. Another trend driving the hair care product market is consumer insistence on safety and purity of ingredients. No longer will Mrs. Jones use a blue rinse that was tested on bunny rabbits, now she demands products that are not only safer for her, but also for the environment. The same people worried about the empty hair color bottles, and what will happen as they degrade, are also demanding a reduction in chemicals in these same products. Phrases like 'all-natural,' 'chemical-free,' and 'contains only natural oils' are being used more often to convince consumers that the process necessary to bleach their hair really doesn't contain bleach anymore. Along with emerging hair care product demands is the trend towards easier hairstyles, which has shifted away from elaborate salon designs and more towards ponytails and hairclips. The ease of a hairstyle often dictates the hair's length - to have long hair and be required to spend hours on a style can pale to a shorter, more wash-and-go option. Still, there are those consumers who will not be browbeaten into hair color submission, preferring to welcome the appearance and ultimate acceptance of grays as a sign of age and wisdom. These are the same people who would rather purchase their products because of individual choice, and not because of current trends that are sure to change again at anytime.
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