Essential Makeup For Your Purse

by:Liya     2020-08-12
There are some basic makeup items that you need, so let's go over some of the basics to look for in your makeup kit. The following items will help you keep yourself together and prepared for any situation.
A vanity mirror, which is a small mirror, is something that you should have on hand. This is a great idea for checking yourself over privately since makeup and other hair disasters are quite common when you are in a rush. Trying to look at yourself in a window or reflection in a spoon won't be as good as it would be if you had a tiny mirror to look in to.
Skin balm is another must have in your travel makeup kit. A simple scrape of the face would be easily fixed with this balm. If you have no problem with petroleum jelly then you shouldn't have a problem. Rashes and hives are common with petroleum based products. It would be a disaster if your blemish became a hundred times worse. Body balm can also be used on the lips to make them look nicer and it also destroys bacteria that may be lurking.
For natural rosy cheeks, all that you need is some blush to tint them slightly. This blush will allow the romance to fly without looking trashy or fake. You can be more confident when your cheeks look pretty and your overall look is more natural. A high moisturized face will also have a glowing effect with the blush.
Your kit should also include some mineral based powders. To prevent a shiny looking face you can use these powders to tone it down to a more natural looking tone. Mineral makeups are good for your skin so that is just another reason to use them. Mineral powders also work well with sensitive skin types.
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