Expert Opinions on How to Get Long Hair

by:Liya     2020-04-19
Long healthy locks are one of the greatest assets a woman can ever have. However, some women tend to take their hair for granted. They subject their tresses to a lot of 'stressors', bringing about damage and unhealthy growth, mainly due to their lack of hair care expertise. Only when they realize that their hair is already beyond repair do they begin to fully understand the consequences of their actions and regret how neglectful they have been. But this need not happen to you. You can grow your hair long just fine if you know the dos and 'don'ts' of hair care. Here are some tips provided by hair care experts on growing long hair. How to get long hair tip no. 1: Prevent damage. Hair growth itself is a natural process and doesn't necessitate full-blown effort on your part-that is, if you aren't in a rush to achieve long locks. However, growing damaged hair can do your appearance more harm than good, so learn how to take care of your hair in every step of the way. Basically, avoid hair damaging products like plastic brushes, metal pins, and tight pony tails. For combing, use soft bristle brushes and wide toothed combs as alternatives instead. Let your hair down literally as much as possible. If there is any need for you to tie them, do it when your hair is already dry and take extra care not to make it too tight. Also avoid frequently subjecting your hair to excessive heat (through the use of blow dryers and curling irons) and to chemical treatments (like those used in perming and coloring). And lastly, get your hair trimmed monthly to avoid nasty split ends (which are a very common occurrence in long, dry hair). Getting rid of split ends makes your hair less prone to breakage. How to get long hair tip no. 2: Massage your scalp. Massaging the scalp area promotes blood circulation; hence, delivering the nutrients needed by the hair to grow in a much quicker pace. You can do this by yourself by moving the tips of your fingers in a circular motion, from your nape to your head. Make this your morning ritual. You can also opt to get a hot oil treatment: not only does it stimulate your scalp upon application, the contents of the treatment itself (i.e. rosemary oil, coconut oil) also aid natural hair growth. How to get long hair tip no. 3: Practice a healthy diet. This is probably one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to hair care. Your daily diet actually has a lot to do with hair growth. If you want to grow long, shiny hair, increase the consumption of food rich in iron, proteins, and B vitamins. These can be found in fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean meat, and whole wheat grain. You can also take supplements if you deem it necessary. And also, avoid crash diets as much as possible as it will deprive your hair of nutrients that it direly needs.
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