Eye Cream Ingredients to Stay Away From

by:Liya     2020-08-30
As unfortunate as it sounds, not all beauty and skin care products can do us good. As a buyer, we should be more responsible in choosing the creams, gels, and whatnot that we apply on our skin because we will solely be the ones who will suffer with our careless selections. Forget the sales talk. Don't let sales agent smooth talk his way into you because they only have one goal: To sell their products. Unfortunately, they don't care whether the ingredients in the brand they are advertising are compatible with your skin or if their product will really remove the wrinkles you hate so much just as long as they make a sale.
This is why it is really important for a buyer to know a thing or two about the type of product he is shopping for. Take for example eye creams. One must know that the skin around the eye area is very delicate, meaning that that the eye cream of choice should not contain harsh ingredients that can cause harm to it. Reading reviews can be good but this is mostly beneficial to those who already have some brand in mind. If it is your first time to buy an eye cream, you will just be wasting your time reading reviews without a product as your candidate.
One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of an eye cream is to know the ingredients to look for and those that you should avoid. The worst ingredients are easier to memorize and learn because there are less hazardous ingredients than effective ones.
An example of an ingredient you should avoid is Octyl Stearate. Octyl Stearate particles are too large and only result in the clogging of pores which can then result to oil buildup in the eye area. Too much oil and clogging often results to breakouts. Pimples in the eye area are one of the skin nightmares you should steer clear away from because breakouts can easily scar or mark that sensitive facial part.
Another ingredient to watch out for is alcohol. Alcohol can be very drying to the skin and can cause over drying in eye area's part. Well moisturized skin is one of the signs of youthfulness so settling with an eye cream with a drying ingredient is totally pointless. Sodium Chloride, better known as salt, should also be avoided as much as possible because it can be really harsh on the skin and can cause allergies or irritation.

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