Facial Breakouts - 5 Unsuspecting Causes You Should Know

by:Liya     2020-04-23
To project your best face to the world means giving attention to your skin and changing the habits that exacerbate unsightly pustules. Everyday millions of people, unsuspectingly contribute to clogged pores and the cycle of acne by creating a rich environment for pimples to thrive. Here are 5 common behaviors that may surprise you. Number 1: Hair Products What you put in your hair eventually finds it way on your face. Most hair care ingredients used to texturize or groom dry, frizzy, fly-aways are not absorbed into hair follicles. During the course of the day, these products are distributed on the face and neck leaving a greasy residue. As they are not meant for the face, they block the pores (comedogenic) and cause blackheads. Popular culprits are: A� Oils A� Pomade A� Humectants A� Gels A� Mousse Therefore, use sparingly. Number 2: Snacking on Nuts, Chocolate, Pastries If you habitually snack on these savory delights you will begin to shine, but not in the glowing, healthy way. Any snack containing high amounts of saturated fats (fried foods, chips) will eventually appear on the surface of the skin, a natural function of removing wastes from the body. You skin will become oilier, a precursor to acne vulgaris. Number 3: Improper Use of Makeup & Accessories/Disposable Shavers Makeup and applicator brushes/sponges as well as disposable shavers are common causes of inflamed, problematic skin. Applicator brushes should be washed often, particularly sponges which should be washed after each use or replaced. Soiled, bacteria infested applicators also affect the purity of your powder or liquid makeup. Disposable shavers should be used only once or twice and should never be shared. Disposables are made with lower grade steel and are not designed for multiple uses. Often the dull blades cause skin irritation and inflammation. Toss them out after use! Number 4: Not Applying Treatment after Pimple Popping Despite the claim never to pop a pimple, unless professionally done or with a pimple extractor, many of us are guilty of this action. The problem worsens when no antiseptic treatment is applied to the wound, now vulnerable to infection and scarring. Add a dab of benzoyl peroxide (example, Clearasil) to clear up any leftover cellular debris that will induce future breakouts. Number 5: Tissue Wiping Many of us are guilty, including myself of using toilet tissue and/or Kleenex nose wipes to blot excess oils from the face. Not only are tissues biodegradable, leaving fiber deposits that clogs the pores but also, are not particularly free of dust and bacteria, especially when taken from the bathroom. If you can afford it, get the store brand blotting papers made specifically for the face. Otherwise, use the sturdier paper towels that do no breakdown the same way regular tissues do. Becoming aware of these acne inducing habits will encourage a more proactive role in the care of our skin.
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