Five Great Promotional Products Ideas To Warm

by:Liya     2020-07-26
It seems like I was just at the beach. Actually I was only weeks ago. But this morning, I needed to turn on the heat as temperatures here in NY dropped below 40 degrees. Just like that, I had to adjust. Your business has to do the same when it comes to marketing and advertising.
The hint of a chill in the air is the perfect time to turn on the heat on your promotional campaigns. And tying the winter season and its weather to your logo or message is the way to do it. Many companies thrive on 'spring sales' and resort to all kind of beach and pool related themes when advertising in the summer. Why should winter be any different?
There are some great promotional products ideas that can be utilized in the cold months to get your brand, products or services noticed. As people adjust to the harsher elements, they require certain items to aid in the harsh realities of cold air, wind, sleet and snow. And if you live closer to the equator, be thankful. Here are just five great promos that will get your logo to heat up the minds and hearts of clients and potential clients in your area:
Custom Apparel - The best way to keep warm is to dress warm. There's no questioning that. But you can turn folks into walking billboards when you provide sweat shirts, vests, coats and jackets with your screen printed or embroidered logos. Promotional outerwear also makes for great employee gifts. Why not send your staff out in public with your company or organization's colors. And schools can take advantage by offering logo apparel for fund raising or as club and athletic rewards.
Lip Balm - Chapped lips effect almost everyone in the winter. How many times have you felt your lips drying out in the harsh cold and dry air and found yourself without a remedy. Customized, full color tubes of SPF protection lip balm make great handouts at trade shows and conventions.
Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes - Ugh! The site of snow and ice on windshields in the morning. And if you are lucky enough to park in a garage over night, you still face the afternoon commute after your car has sat in an open parking lot at work. Custom imprinted snow brushes and ice scrapers will become a staple in every car and truck. And when they are used, they will certainly be appreciated and your generosity and concern will be remembered.
Snow Hats - Call them knit caps or call them ski hats, but make no mistake that your customers and employees will be calling you to thank you for the warmth provided from a quality hat. And guess what? Your embroidered logo will be seen on every head as recipients make their way onto trains, buses and through the entrance to and from work and everywhere they go.
Coffee Mugs - Once people are inside and away from the elements of winter, they will still be shivering from the cold. One way to warm them up is by providing a nice ceramic mug for the office when they get in. They will go right to their personalized mug for a hot cup of java. You can do the same for commuters by providing custom travel mugs for their cars, trucks or any way they get to work. The extra heat will bring a smile and some life to those who have just challenged mother nature.
The great thing about winter promotional products is the price. You can spend as low as one dollar per recipient for items like lip balm and mugs. And for only a little more, you can find almost anything that will take the chill out of your marketing efforts.

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