Get Your Brightest Smile, Part 1, Lip Balms

by:Liya     2020-07-25
A smile is often the best introduction, and you want yours to be radiant, vital, and inviting. Part of the how-to on your smile comes from the heart, part comes from your physical inside, your health, and part comes from the outside in, your brushing, flossing, and whitening habits, and your smile's frame, your lips. Your lips are the gateway to your smile, and the softer and more resilient they are, the better.
I've always been a lip balm kind of person, using Chapstick or Blistex in the old days, before the awareness of natural vs. synthetic ingredients grew. Then I switched to all natural. That was before the awareness of harmful chemicals in cosmetics grew. Now, I use all organic. It turns out there are a number of alternatives in organic lip balms. And, they're good. I didn't have to give up a thing.
To get you started, I've reviewed three products. Choose what appeals to you.
1.) Eco Lips- Eco Lips is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It began in the early 1990s when Andrea Danielson concocted her natural lip balm for family and friends. When she gave some to Steve Shriver he loved it, and ended up loving her, too. After they married in 1997 they began producing lip balms and built it into Eco Lips.
What I've got is Eco Lips Gold, USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm, Unflavored. This product is 95% organic, according to the label. I love it. It glides on smoothly and leaves my lips soft for a few hours. It also leaves the lips shiny, which I like, whether I wear it under lipstick or on its own.
This is part of Eco Lips Premium Lip Care. It's made with a combination of organic oils, including Jojoba and Sunflower oils and Vitamins E and A. More premium products include their Hemp USDA Certified Lip Balm and Bee Free Vegan Lip Balm. It comes in a.15 oz tube. They have more than a half dozen other lines of lip balms that may be the topic of a future article.
Do I recommend this product? Absolutely, with no reservations.
2.) Aubrey Organics Lip Balm, Vanilla & Honey - Aubrey Hampton, a pioneer in natural skin and hair care, founded the company in 1967 and it has since grown into a multi-million dollar company, selling products all over the globe. But bigger doesn't have to mean product quality suffers. Far from it, in this case.
I like a lot of their products, and their Lip Balm is among them. They make five, in flavors such as Peppermint & Tea Tree, Tangerine, Spearmint, Raspberry, and my own favorite, Vanilla & Honey. It is USDA Certified Organic and comes in a.15 oz tube. It features Organic Rosa Mosqueta Oil, as well as other organic oils, and is made with beeswax Vitamin E. This one doesn't provide as much shine as the Eco Lips, but is also fine under lipstick as well as alone.
All the customer reviews on their web page give it 5 stars, and I agree completely.
3.) Dr. Bronner's Magic All-One Peppermint Organic Lip Balm Emanuel Bronner was the third generation master-soap maker; his family had been making soap since 1858, in Germany. He began Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps in America in 1948. Today the fourth and fifth generations are making soaps with care.
This Peppermint Lip Balm will add zing to your day, as well as protecting your lips from the elements, soothing and smoothing them to softness. It has a beeswax base with organic avocado, jojoba, hemp, and of course, peppermint oils, so it glides onto your lips. It comes in a.15 oz tube and, like the others is certified organic, and they do no animal testing. Lovely to use, I highly recommend the product.
See how easy it is? These are three of many alternatives to conventional, or even all-natural lip care. You can use these organic lip balms to seal and protect your gorgeous lips and add a spark to your smile. And what did you give up? Potentially harmful ingredients. That's all. Simple.

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