GiGi Pot Wax Warmers Product Review

by:Liya     2020-05-05
Gigi is best known for professional hair removal waxes that effectively remove unwanted hair while being very kind to the skin, providing a simple, mess-free waxing experience. Gigi has a specially formulated products for every skin type and need. But the perfect wax requires the perfect warmer. Gigi's functional warmers ensure proper heating in order to maximize the performance of their waxes. Gigi professional pot wax heaters are the best on the market. They are incredibly versatile machines that can be used with any Gigi products well as with most other brands of wax. Regardless of the type or brand of wax, the Gigi wax heaters can accommodate. They offer warmers that can be used all day, maintaining the wax at a perfect temperature and consistency without overheating or drying out, perfect for the professional setting where waxing clients is an all day occurrence. Temperature control knobs allows the user to fine tune the temperature setting it low, medium, or high and everything between, ensuring that wax is heated to the ideal temperature hot enough to efficiently remove hair without irritating or burning the skin. Some of their best selling warmers: GiGi Space Saver Warmer 0892: This compact unit is perfect for the salon that performs minimal waxing services or has limited counter space. The Space saver works well with all types of hair removal wax and accommodates most wax containers. Measuring only 5-5/8 inches wide by 4 inches tall, it is definitely a 'space saver', and features a 6' professional power cord and a temperature control knob so you can achieve professional results. Gigi Digital Warmer 0205: GiGi Professional Honee Wax Digital Warmer is designed for use 14 oz pot waxes. It features a convenient, easy to read digital display and temperature control as well as a precise thermostatically controlled heater for all day use. GiGi Warmer 0225: This economy unit is ideal for use at home or for the salon environment. The Wax Warmer 0225 fits most 8 oz and 14 oz pot wax containers. A perfect price conscious option, the GiGi Honee Wax Warmer is compatible with all types of hair removal wax and has an adjustable temperature control knob for precise control and on indicator light. It's see through cover helps maintain waxes temperature and prevent wax contamination making it great for the professional salon. Gigi warmers are the perfect partner to ensuring that your wax performs to its fullest potential. Entrust your skin and unwanted hair to the best selling waxing brand on the market.
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