Girls Just Love Eyelashes for Cars

by:Liya     2020-05-07
When you look at the front of a car, you generally see a face with the headlights serving as the eyes and the front grill serving as the mouth and nose. However, there are several ways to improve the overall facial look of your car and eyelashes for cars could be the perfect option for the fashion diva. These car eyelashes are a one size fits all, and with a simple installation. It adds instant charm to the car and also helps to bring attention to the vehicle where people are sure to ask you where you got you're eyelashes from. Once the Eyelashes for Cars have arrived, it's time to install them on your car. Feel free to ask for help if you're not comfortable with installing the car eyelashes yourself, although it really is extremely simple. To start, you need to pop up the bonnet or hood of your vehicle. This gives you full access to the top of the headlights. Hold up the eyelashes against the headlights of you're car and decide on the best position. Most vehicles do not require you to trim the car eyelashes, but for smaller vehicles and for vehicles with odd shaped lights, you may need to trim off a small bit of the lashes. This is done with a pair of scissors as the material is easily cut. On the flat surface of the lashes, you apply the very strong and sticky 3m tape. Remove the red backing tape to expose the sticky adhesive side of the car eyelashes. The sticky side then adheres to the top of the car headlights. When placing the lashes onto the car, make sure the lashes are curling upwards and forward. This is the proper alignment for the lashes. If the lashes are placed curving up and backward, the car is going to look a little bit odd. Once the lashes are stuck to the glass of the headlight, it is very difficult to remove the lashes and stick them down again. Repeat this process with the second set of eyelashes. Close the hood and you are all set to begin driving and showing off the lashes. Car eyelashes are an excellent addition for any fashion queen who absolutely loves fashion, fake eyelashes, being seen and noticed and most of all being different. Car eyelashes allow girls to bring a personal touch to themselves and the cars they drive.
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