Hard Hat Bonnet Hair Dryers Review

by:Liya     2020-04-23
Perhaps you dozed off to the gentle buzzing sound the hard hat dryer produces. No matter what the circumstance, I bet you were enjoying the feeling of being pampered and your hair being transformed while you sat there without having to do a thing. Now, you don't have to visit the salon to get the effects of the hard bonnet dryer. Many companies are offering these dryers to individuals to use in the comfort of their own home. Wouldn't it be nice to relax under a hard hat dryer while getting maximum results, without having to do a thing? Many brands are offering the hard bonnet dryer for individual use. These hard hat dryers are priced from about 50 to 80 dollars in most hair care product stores. Some of the hard hat dryers being sold in stores today to individuals for home use or for salons who need backup dryers are: Hot Tools 1200 Watt Hard Bonnet Salon Hair Dryer HT1061: The Hot Tools 1200 Watt Hard Hat Salon Hair Dryer offers to most incredible hair drying experience! The hands free operation allows you to completely relax when drying your hair. 154 air vents evenly distribute the heat to your hair and it's folding design allows for storage and travel. It retails for around $80. Gold N Hot 1400 Watt Hard Hat Hair Dryer: This dryer offers hands-free operation so you can enjoy other things such as reading a magazine or perhaps painting your nails. The bonnet top is adjustable so hair can be dried at every angle. With its two heat settings, this is ideal for setting curlers. This dryer sells for about $50. BaByliss Pro Ionic Roll-about Hard Hat Hair Dryer BABHHDRIW: The BaByliss Pro Ionic Roll-about Dryer is a professional blow dryer that comes equipped with an incredible 1600 watts of power! It's built-in airflow diffuser that provides nothing but professional results you would get in the salon. This hard hat hair dryer features ionic technology that conditions the hair for a smooth, softer and shinier look, reducing frizz and dry your hair so much faster than the common dryer.! It retails for around $180. Remember, you don't have to visit the salon every week to maintain salon-looking hair. There are many products offered today in beauty supply stores that can be used at home to maintain beautiful hair in between regularly scheduled salon visits. Having a hard hat dryer at home would give busy, working women some pampering and relaxation after a long day or to aid her in getting ready for a long night out. Salon owners and stylist can also purchase these simple hard bonnet dryers for backups for busy or overbooked days at the salon. They are perfectly capable of doing the work and are convenient with their mobility and easy storage capability. You can never be too prepared for a busy client and if you are an individual looking for home use, you can never be too pampered when it comes to your hair. Check online for products and product reviews to see what brand and dryer is best for your needs.
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