Holiday Arts and Crafts - Peppermint Lip Balm

by:Liya     2020-08-07
The holidays are right around the corner. Anyone that has stepped inside a store has been inundated with peppermint this and pumpkin that. It seems just about everything is getting the seasonal treatment, and it can certainly do some damage to our waistlines. So instead of putting peppermint in your mouth, how about saving it just for your lips? Or how about creating a lotion with peppermint flavoring? Give a homemade gift basket of your favorite products, or simply fill a stocking with flavored lip balm for the kids. The possibilities are endless.
Stocking stuffers can be ridiculously expensive. If you have a large family, it can be very pricey to make sure their stockings get fully stuffed. Those tiny products end up adding up. Their favorite chapsticks can run anywhere from $2 or more for a tiny little tube. So why not make your own? You can make it a fun activity with the whole family, and then take the unlabeled tubes and specialize them with your child's name for their stocking. Imagine your six year old girl waking up and seeing 'Sarah's Chapstick' in her stocking. Seasonal flavoring adds the extra special touch. There are two ways to do this:
If you want to go the easier route, you can buy blank lip balm off a company for less than $.30. Then just head up to a Staples or any office supply store and purchase printable labels that can be designed on your home computer. With a little creativity and a home pc, you can have your very own personalized lip balm stocking stuffers for less than $.30 per unit and your loved one will think you paid much more.
You can also buy the empty tubes along with the melt and pour base to make your own. Just melt the base, add your flavoring and pour into your empty tubes to sit. After less than an hour, the balm will harden and it will be ready to use. This option is a little more time consuming, but it could be a fun project to do together as a family. Then get to the computer and have your kids help design the labels. You can mix your favorite flavors and your kids can hand out their lip balms to family members as the perfect homemade gift that can actually be used by the recipient.
Another option is to make a whole day of it and start bottling your own lotions, shower gels and soaps. Use the same label design from the lip balm and you and your child can have your own 'line' of products for the holiday season. Find a wholesale company that can offers you the ingredients (melt and pour balm) and items (lip balm tubes) individually or the ready-made lip balm unlabeled, like Bulk Apothecary or various eBay sellers. These are products that everyone uses on a daily basis, so they make for wonderful gifts. Personalization is key, so get creative and take some time making the perfect label.

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