How Does a DHT Blocker Shampoo Work?

by:Liya     2020-04-27
A shampoo that blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone) must work on the chemical level of the human body to prevent testosterone to convert into dyhidrotestosterone by accepting two hydrogen ions onto the benzene rings of testosterone. This happens in one of the target organs of testosterone, the zona reticularis of the adrenal cortex, via influence of 5-alpha-reductase. By inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone is inhibited. This inhibition of dihydrotestosterone will exercise its effects on the blood flow of all the organs that are recipients of DHT. Hair follicles in the layers of the dermis of the scalp generally receive large amounts of DHT. Research Hair loss is in most cases genetically determined. If your father was bald and his father before him was bald, you stand a good chance of being bald also in your later years. The difference between your grandfather's and father's time is that technology and medicine were not as far advanced as they are today. Almost daily there are breakthroughs happening even though you may not hear about all of them. These may be smaller successes all adding to the bigger picture. Hair loss, because of its social and professional implications, has been the focus of many research labs all over the world for decades. With DHT blocking shampoos, you are receiving the benefit of thousands of hours of studying genetics, dermatology, chemistry and cosmetology. Specialty Shampoos Can Inhibit Dihydrotestosterone Some shampoos are specially formulated to remove excess DHT from the scalp. The purpose for this is that when DHT is removed, it cannot exert its blood flow reduction on the hair follicles, thus killing them over time. With regular blood flow, hair follicles will continue to grow and generate hair. Shampoos with herbal and botanically active particles in their ingredient list work to inhibit the DHT formation and to absorb excess DHT already in the scalp. Without the DHT, hair has the ability to strengthen and grow in higher numbers than with the minimizing effects of 5-α-reductase. Shampoos that contain Trichogen and Zinc or Zinc PCA have been shown especially helpful and blocking enzyme conversion. Many Causes for Thinning Stress and diet can affect the body's response to hair loss. The body's reaction to stress is to produce stress hormones. These hormones can affect hair in a negative way. Research has not discovered all the facts yet in this regard. Most people can empirically conclude from their own experience that there is more lost hair on their brushes or combs when they are under stress. Diet will affect thinning or growth if there are vitamins lacking in your daily diet, especially the vitamins responsible for making healthy red blood cells and circulation. Good Hygiene For Good Hair Other reasons for thinning, balding or shedding may be a lack of personal hygiene. When dirt and oil accumulates around pores and hair follicles, the pores and follicles become clogged and get infected. This will result in hair loss. Clogs are prevented by the massaging action of your fingers on your scalp when you shampoo your hair. Gently massaging your scalp while you wash your hair improves blood flow to the follicles. Better circulation brings fresh oxygen to the follicles and takes away the old and used carbon dioxide molecules from cellular respiration.
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