how green are organic shampoos and lotions?

by:Liya     2020-03-22
Not long ago, organic beauty products-
Shampoo and lotion
Considered a product of a hippie.
But now they are for health.
I also like urban hipsters.
According to the Organic Consumer Association (OCA)
Sales of organic and natural \"personal\" products have soared.
They are now the fastest growing part of the cosmetics market, growing by 20% a year.
In addition, major retailers such as Bed, Bath, Nordstrom and Target are selling organic skin and hair care products.
They are no longer limited to health food stores.
\"Natural beauty products are sweeping the entire industry,\" said Mariana klrambooth, chief operating officer of organic product manufacturer Sumbody, based in Sebastopol, California.
\"The response from consumers is very good,\" Krambs said . \".
\"They have now locked in green products [as well as]
The attitude of \"health to me, health to the environment.
Because these products are really effective, the response is more intense.
\"What is the organic beauty product?
The OCA survey of more than 5,500 consumers who regularly buy organic products shows 98.
6% of respondents believe that the product of the word \"organic\" in the brand should be 100% organic, or at least do not contain synthetic detergents or preservatives.
What impact do these products have on the environment?
Because synthetic pesticides are prohibited by organic standards, the threat of pesticide residues to carcinogens is
Experts say it exists. (
The harm of the few existing organic pesticides is much smaller. )
Organic farmers also don\'t use sewage sludge to fertilize their fields because sewage sludge is afraid of containing many heavy metals and they prefer compost and crop residues.
Although cosmetics are usually regulated by the United States. S.
The Food and Drug Administration, the rules for the treatment of organic products are formulated by the United StatesS.
Ministry of Agriculture.
In order to meet the requirements of the federal government, producers who want to state on the products that their products are \"made with\" organic ingredients must ensure that 70% of the products are indeed \"made with\" organic elements.
According to USDA\'s National Organic Program website, the federal government now needs to display the \"organic percentage\" of the product on the package \".
The list of standards for retailers and manufacturers is beyond the US Department of Agriculture\'s mandate to ensure that their products are more eco-friendly.
New individuals
The care products sold at Target are completely free of synthetic ingredients, including parab Gold, neighboring benzene Ester and sodium twelve ester.
Some organic consumers demand this.
\"I can tell you that, especially since the launch of a massive study of phthal salts, we have received calls from a lot of women who generally do not think that organic shampoos or baby lotions are necessary, \"Sheri Wallace, a spokeswoman for Earth Mother Angel Baby, said it is a company that produces organic products for mothers and babies.
\"As consumers become more aware of the ingredients that are really used in their personal care products, they become more frustrated,\" she added . \".
A widely publicized study published in the medical journal Pediatrics earlier this month suggested that parents do not apply any baby lotion or powder to their child\'s skin except for the prescribed medical conditions.
This is due to the danger posed by the chemical commonly used to stabilize viscous liquids-o-benzene ester
Many studies have been linked to impaired reproductive function in men.
The study measured the neighboring benzene Ester in the urine of 163 infants and recorded whether their parents used baby powder, diaper cream, wipes on them in the past 24 hours,
Urine samples from all infants contain neighboring benzene Ester, and the use of powder, lotion and shampoo is related to higher concentrations.
Manufacturers do not need to list phthal salts as ingredients on the product packaging.
Click here to read the full journal report on O-benzene Ester in baby products.
\"In general, consumers don\'t know much about the ingredients of these products,\" Wallace said . \".
\"The lack of education in this area is a problem that we try to overcome every day --
Try to teach parents what ingredients are, what needs to be listed, and how to decide what is right for your family.
\"Some of the leading brands in the field of organic products are companies such as BeeCeuticals, nourishing beauty, etc.
Bronner\'s, Giovanni organic cosmetics, Juice Organic, Kiss My Face, Avalon Organic.
Big brand products in this niche area deal with the \"organic\" component problem in many different ways. —
Avalon Organic claims to use 100% vegetarian ingredients to create a \"sexy, satisfying\" feel among hair buyers --, skin-and body-
Care products starting at $7. 99 to $22. 99. —
Giovanni Organic cosmetics contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, pure essential oils and oils extracted from renewable plants in the skin-and hair-
Care Products for $1. 99 to $13. 99. —Dr.
Brunner\'s magic soap claims to be \"certified organic\" by the USDA, even packaged after 100%
Consumers recycle bottles of plastic steel.
Made from coconut, olive, cannabis and jojoba oils, these products are designed for daily body wash at a price of $1. 99 to $12. 99. —
Bert\'s bees offer \"Earth-
Friendly products crafted with beeswax, vegetable oil, herbs and flowers, the advocates say, are \"formulated to maximize personal health\"
Existence and environment.
\"The price of skin, lips, body and hair products is $2. 99 to $24. 99.
Despite the rapid growth of these products
Target starts selling new organic brands
They have enthusiastic supporters.
\"The quality of these products is easy to tell, and their ability to cultivate and enhance the appearance of the skin is very obvious,\" said Maureen Whitehouse, a former fashion model and now \"eco\"
A \"spiritual advisor\" in Hollywood, Florida \".
The skin surface is becoming a line of defense for environmental activists and health. conscious.
Krambs of Sumbody said: \"Your skin is your largest organ, you absorb more toxins through it than anywhere, it needs the same type of nutrition as the rest of your body
\"Why no matter what you eat, buy organic food, but let the toxin enter your body freely through the body cream that causes cancer?
\"Are these products really green?
The answer is usually yes.
The USDA Guide is a proven standard and products with the \"USDA certified\" label are definitely eco-friendly to your personalsystem.
Standards may gradually improve over the next few years, and only products with 100% organic ingredients can truly be called organic and natural products.
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