Interracial Hair Advice And How To Rock A Jewfro

by:Liya     2020-04-28
How do you manage a Chewfro? Hair is a very important part of our identity, both physically and psychologically. It defines who we are so all of the decisions we make concerning style, length, color and texture send signals out about how we desire to be perceived. This becomes especially challenging if you are biracial and your hair is not typical of either culture. Take a quick look down the aisle of hair products in your local drug store and you will see a snapshot of how interracial mixes are gradually influencing the demand for new and different kinds of products. Rocking a Chewfro is actually the easy part. Raising a great biracial kid in a rapidly changing American society who is self confident about reinventing what is beautiful is a much more worthwhile challenge. Children with Asian and Jewish parents often have stick straight, very fine hair when they are young. Once they pass puberty, their hair changes and becomes thick, wavy and very coarse in texture. They sometimes become frustrated finding the right hair products because of how they are marketed and the models they use to promote them don't look anything like biracial children. That should be your worst problem! Better to fortify your children with a strong sense of self confidence, respect for themselves and others. There may not be rows of products that you can purchase that will improve interpersonal skills, or increase inner leadership aptitude. But as your children mature, it is crucial that they learn to balance their inherited cultural backgrounds with respect and to accord the same to everyone they meet. As children born of two races, they are more prone to be questioned about it, teased, provoked or challenged by it. They will also need guidance and support in navigating these challenging situations with dignity and a strengthened sense of self. So, if you are wondering where to go to get your Chewfro styled and to get great hair products just right for your unique kind of hair, check out the Asian hair salons in Flushing, Queens. This is one of the most diverse places in the borough and you will certainly find tremendous variety and experience here. Most of the places are the size of a postage stamp squeezed in between noodle shops and music schools. Brush up on your Cantonese or just speak English and wave your hands around for emphasis. Works for Seth.
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