is your shampoo safe? avoid these harmful ingredients

by:Liya     2020-03-23
Of all the things you have to worry about, you may not even have thought of hiding in your-—shampoo?
It may have many harmful ingredients that you need to avoid.
In theory, you should have more attention to what is in your body.
Still, local beauty products are not safe, as evidenced by an extensive report released by the FDA.
Recently, fdareasedinformation reported bad reports related to food and beauty products.
The data came from the Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, which has been very extensive since 2004.
It provides a good basis for further research on the health care efficacy of beauty products.
According to Steve Xu, a dermatologist at McGaw Medical Center, a month after the death of New Yorkers, family members warned that the POWASSAN virus, hair and skincare products ranked first in the report.
Unfortunately, products used for baby and personal cleaning are most vulnerable to serious injuries, including hospital stays and deaths.
The findings suggest that beauty products need guidelines to protect consumer safety.
Meanwhile, reports of bad conditions actually doubled last year.
This influx is mainly due to complaints about hair loss and skin irritation of warm products.
Wen manufacturers have received thousands of complaints about their conditioner and only 100 have complained to the FDA.
When the FDA asked Wen customers to complain directly to them, thousands of customers came in.
According to the marketing agency of WEN products, there is no conclusive evidence that their conditioner will cause hair loss.
Does alcohol affect your sex life?
Although you may think there is a rule for shampoo on store shelves, please consider the facts.
The beauty industry actually has many of its own regulations.
If you are not aware of this, you may just be watering the whole body with something medically harmful.
According to thefda\'s website: \"Companies and individuals who manufacture or sell cosmetics are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of their products.
Neither laws nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of a single product or ingredient.
\"To calm your concerns a little, the FDA does limit the use of certain ingredients in the cosmetics industry.
In addition, the organization may step in if the product is clearly adulterated or the brand is wrong and the company itself has not recalled.
However, you can see some problems with this self.
Regulatory system.
Herb Viagra: When FDA and beauty companies figure out how to solve this problem, you should learn to identify and avoid the worst ingredients in beauty products.
Take a look at this list and start doing your own background research on your favorite brands.
Although there are at least some regulations on the ingredients in food, beauty products have a lot of discretionary rights.
If an ingredient is not directly connected to the disease, beauty companies may just be using it.
However, researchers found harmful results in studies of chemicals commonly used in beauty products.
To protect yourself, you should consider studying your favorite beauty products, including the chemicals used in shampoo.
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