Know About the Signs and Symptoms of Aging Skin

by:Liya     2020-05-03
Aging is a natural and biological process that occurs in every human being. People are worried about their age and they always want to look young with beautiful skin. Aging is a process that continues to happen every day. Prior to stop the aging process and looking young, it is very important to know about the aging signs and symptoms that occur. There are a couple of things by which aging process takes place in your body. Primarily, let us know about the 'Intrinsic Aging Process.'Intrinsic aging is caused by internal factor like genes. Another factor that leads to premature aging in young adults is 'Extrinsic Aging.' This is mainly caused by environmental factors. Intrinsic Aging is a natural aging process that is caused due to the genetic disorder in your family. This will occur in the age of 20's. At this stage, skins collagen products come down and the elastic nature of the skin will be disabled which leads to wrinkle formation. Many other signs in intrinsic aging are: 1) Thin & transparent skin 2) Fine wrinkles 3) Loss of hair 4) Dry skin 5) Flabby skin 6) Nail plate thin There are few other external factors that affect the skin and lead to early aging and damage of your skin. In general, premature aging is caused due to the overexposure to sun. Other than sun rays, aging sings and symptoms also begin to appear because of your facial expressions, smoking, and sleeping position. The sun emits harmful ultra violet rays that can damage your skin. Exposure to sun without applying sunscreen lotions or creams will badly damage your skin. It leads to some spots, rough and leathery skin. To avoid this, one should use the perfect stop aging sunscreen lotions and creams to their skin. You may be surprised of hearing this. Facial expressions will also cause aging sings on your face. Repeated facial expression can lead to fine lines on your forehead and other parts of your face. So, to this, one should not perform or stop his facial exercise. With the increase of age, skin looses the elasticity and leads to wrinkles and thin lines on your face. Another reason that leads to premature aging is your sleeping position. This could sound weird, but it is true. Scientists have proven that sleeping in few positions can cause premature aging. They said that sleeping with face on pillow for years can cause wrinkles. In females, fine lines will start appearing on the chin and cheeks and men will have these lines on their forehead. There are many other things that can be considered signs and symptoms of aging like high cholesterol, cardiac problems, body pains, etc., your energy and metabolism become low. These are the basic sings and symptoms of premature aging. Knowing these symptoms and taking care of your skin can stop premature aging and have youthful skin.
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