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Liya good quality feminine care products satisfying for persoanl care

Liya good quality feminine care products satisfying for persoanl care

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Product Information of Liya good quality feminine care products satisfying for persoanl care
Enterprise Strength
  • Liya Hair Products & Cosmeitcs is committed to providing excellent pre-sales and after-sales services based on the service concept of 'sincerity-based management, customers first'.
Company Advantages
1. The creation of Liya best deodorant for body odor consists of several stages: ideas, 3D design, a jewelry prototype, metal jewelry casting, setting, polishing, and finishing.
2. The product is able to run stably. It is equipped with an intelligent circuit design which can protect itself in the case of overload voltage to prevent against the trip.
3. The product is very breathable, allowing air to move around freely and releasing moisture very fast, which keeps the bacteria and mildew away.

Company Features
1. As a professional feminine care products manufacturer, Liya has been ranking top in the industry.
2. Our quality is our company name card in aluminum tubes packaging industry, so we will do it best.
3. Liya strives to be a dominant rose perfume manufacturer in the market. Check now! Our enterprise mission is established to ensure the service excellence and body care quality. Check now!

Chinese Herbal Tampon / Beautiful life Tampon / Female Sex Tablets

Hui Pu herbal tampons suitable fungal vaginitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, trichomoniasis vaginitis, annex inflammation, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other common gynecological disease, there is a great therapeutic effect.

Detoxifies delay menstruation efficacy significantly more stable and reliable
Hui Pu herbal tampon for the following women: cervical erosion, genital itching; vaginal inflammation, abnormal vaginal discharge; menstrual disorders, endocrine system disorder; uterine fibroids, dysfunctional uterine bleeding; pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, Palace drooping; symptoms of menopause caused;


Gynecological inflammation often attack, and repeatedly gone to the hospital always good, why? Rooted in two aspects!
First: vaginal relaxation often gaping mouth, unable to resist the intrusion of bacteria;
Second: vaginal folds hiding a lot of toxins, bacteria, dead skin material, forming a nest of inflammatory drugs, leading gynecological disease disease recurrence.
Our Secret Qing pill five major feature allows you to stay away from gynecological diseases, sex more attractive, JMS ...... envy, jealousy and hatred.

Features one: topical not oral, convenient and more secure
Our Secret hui Pu herbal tampon use condensate extraction essence, 10 minutes to dissolve penetration, absorption rate of close to 100%, not through the stomach and kidney does not damage the health! Replaceable, no foreign body sensation, does not affect the normal work and life.

Features two: pure natural herbs, no worries ease
Each one tampon are rigorously 60C0-y irradiation sterilization, natural herbal raw materials, the entire process in accordance with the sterile, dust-free requirements, aseptic packaging, in line with national health quality standards, no side effects.

Features three: the effectiveness of triple body no episode
Hui Pu herbal tampon is a complex sexual function products, detoxification anti-inflammatory, bactericidal itching, warm house raising three functions in one nest simultaneously. Women have transferred blood, promoting excretion, shaped yin and yang, the beauty of the spot effect.

Features four: Wellness are not isolated, life fun
Our Hui Pu herbal tampons, 1-3 tablets effective, can the female reproductive system, all kinds of dirt, clearing house through drug absorption in vitro, both anti-inflammatory sterilization, the eradication of disease symptoms, but also conditioning blood, endocrine regulation, play health and beauty effect.

Features five: endocrine regulation, health add vitality
Our Hui Pu herbal tampons unique herb nourishing ingredients can be up to the uterus, ovaries deep organ tone, clear congestion, facilitate the excretion of metabolic waste, prevent postpartum endocrine disorders syndrome. Can effectively nourish a woman, a woman radiant skin so smooth!

Six kind of women need Hui Pu herbal tampon

1. gynecological inflammation female -
Environmental bacteria can cause imbalance within the vaginal female gynecological disease disease permanently, over time will worsen rose to the uterus, ovaries, causing greater disease symptoms.
2.Vaginal inflammation, abnormal vaginal discharge in women
vaginal natural defenses inside is damaged, if not a long rehabilitation, not only causes the smell, but also may lead to premature delivery, infection of fetal malformations, and even lead to infertility.
3 menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders in women .
Long-term menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders, can cause premature aging, dizziness, fatigue, body anemia, skin pigmentation, infertility, menstrual syndrome.
4 people, abortion, women -
Abortion itself is something to defy the laws of nature, a lot of post-abortion residual body and remove toxins do not always affect the physical health of women.
5 menopause cause discomfort -
Enter other symptoms caused by menopause, such as dry, astringent, itching, pain ... Hui Pu herbal tampon can effectively recover these symptoms, slow the aging female body.
6 women need to improve facial skin -
Get rid of facial stubborn pigmentation and spots, improve facial skin bleak phenomenon, the skin becomes delicate rosy, healthy beauty.

Steps are as follows:

1 Wash your hands, then ripped plastic envelope, check whether the product wrap, tie;
2 Will unlock one end disinfection cotton and cotton to disinfect the location straightened;
3 Put the index finger finger, then put one end of the thread to the index finger with the thumb of the pills clenched, ready to be placed;
4. Place, should try to relax, a hand gently separate the vagina, and then exhale slowly, with a set of finger index finger gently push the pill into the vagina along the vagina (about 7 cm);
5 When placed correctly, you should not feel the presence of pills, then sterilized cotton thread ends should stay in the vagina estuary;
6 days out using sterilized cotton thread when removing just gently pull the pill will slide out of the body.;
7 When using this product, disinfection with a type 48 hours,

Each with a break of 1-2 days.


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