Making Your Own Lip Balm Labels

by:Liya     2020-08-08
If you are looking for the perfect craft idea, business venture, or personal creation, look no further. Creating a custom made lip balm is easy and more than fulfilling. To get started, just find a company that sells either melt and pour lip balm base, or finished lip balm that comes delivered unlabeled. If using a base, remember that when the product is melted down, you can add your favorite flavors, colors and essential oils to customize the product. I recommend finding a base that is beeswax, because it will be all natural and free of many of the chemicals that you may find in many of the popular lip balm brands on the market. Furthermore, the beeswax base tends to adhere to the lips better than many others.
So once you have a completed balm, it's time to create a label. There are so many different ways to do this. If you find a company that sells you the tubes, email or call them to see if they have a label template available. Oftentimes these companies will private label or custom label large orders, and they can easily email you over a template that will work in Microsoft Word or another basic program. If you have the template, it will be easy for you to go in and add your design, logo or whatever graphic text you would like.
If you don't have a template, you may have to use trial and error. Find an office supply store in your area that has a printing center attached. Staples, OfficeMax and many other chains often have larger printing centers inside the store. Not only can you purchase the blank label sheets from inside the store, you can also ask one of the workers to help you design a template or print your graphics inside the store.
When looking for the label sheets, remember that most lip balm ultimately has an over-lamenent label. For the most professional 'look', find a glossy label and print from a high quality or photo printer. Many people think they can print their own labels from home and then they are disappointed with the final look. If you plan on creating a lot of labels, it may be worth it to invest in a higher quality printer. Otherwise, keep in mind that many of those office stores can print on one of their printers.
The last tip I have is to make sure you purchase enough label sheets. If you are only looking to create 50 lip balm labels, be sure to buy more than 50 labels. You will likely have basic errors that occur, whether it be ink smears or simply not having the printer lined up correctly. It's better to be safe than sorry, since you may not be able to get the same labels again and if you run out midway through, you will not be able to complete your task.
Get creative! Find a company that sells bulk wholesale lip balm at low prices, unlabeled. Companies like Bulk Apothecary sell everything you need to make your own private labeled balm that you can use for yourself, give as gifts or resell!

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