Marketing to Women? Try a Lip Balm As a Giveaway

by:Liya     2020-08-03
If you are promoting a brand or launching a product aimed mainly at a female audience, then consider using a lip balm as a promotional item. Lip balms and salves are available in a wide range of different packaging options and can be overprinted with your brand message.
Choose from a variety of funky modern colours, in a stick or a compact form. Some lip balms for promotional purposes also come with a matching coloured lanyard for additional impact. Match the colour of the packaging to your brand requirement. Add your logo or strap line to the side or top of the product as appropriate.
Lip balm is a particularly good choice for autumn or winter promotions, as the product is designed to create a protective barrier on the lip surface. This protects them from the external environment, from the effects of wind, temperature and dry air. There is also the additional advantage that keeping the lips hydrated approves their appearance and the wax in the product itself helps to make them shine, although it is not quite the same product as a cosmetic lip gloss. Some lip salves also have the addition of a sunscreen, as a bonus it protects the lips from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
Promotional lip balm is also an unusual promotional gift, which adds to its appeal, it is something that is very different to a pen or a drinks coaster! With a particularly feminine appeal, it makes a very good partner for a women-centric branding campaign. Try giving them away at a product launch, or take them to a trade show as a free gift, or get them added to a goody bag for an event

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