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Bromelain enzymes and natural hair care Bromelain are one of several compounds known as the protein hydrolases, all of which contribute to the digestion of proteins.
Now, pineapple supplements are included in some natural hair care products.
Plant enzyme pineapple has not yet been recommended for hair care products.
But there is more to cook besides hair care.
It is well known that the natural plant enzyme pineapple protein obtained from pineapple provides many health benefits as described below.
Bromelain\'s study was identified by 1891 researchers for bromelain\'s protein enzyme, which they found in the fleshy part of the fruit.
The enzyme was found to break down the protein, so it is still a natural meat tenderizer and digestive aid.
1957. Pinecalase is a recognized study that has also begun to enter inflammation such as muscle and tissue, burn rehabilitation, infection and sinus problems.
The most recognized use of pineapple protein is as a digestive aid.
This enzyme is usually used in the case of a lack of digestive enzymes of the individual itself, which is usually caused by pancreatic diseases.
In this case, pineapple supplements can relieve stomach symptoms such as flatulence, flatulence, pain and cramps caused by indigestion and diarrhea.
Studies have shown that protein enzymes like pineapples may also indirectly relieve food allergies that are thought to be caused by a disease called intestinal leakage, and that the entire protein molecule in the food leaks into the blood, causing an allergic or immune response.
When used with other enzymes, the digestive properties of bromelain GmbH are particularly enhanced, such as the enzymes of starch and enzymes necessary to digest starch and fat digestion.
Some laboratory studies have shown that pineapple protein can also help reduce intestinal bacteria.
Bromelain is so effective in digesting proteins that workers who often cut fruit often lose their fingerprints because of the activity of the enzyme.
In addition to the amazing digestive quality of this fruit, it is also an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which is a benefit for Spaniards to use when they go out to sea many times.
However, the fiber properties of pineapples are also thought to ease constipation, as well as the culture of the frequent use of pineapples in ancient times to treat jaundice and kill intestinal parasites.
Ripe pineapple juice is considered to be a drug for the treatment of menstruation and pain relief.
The luminous properties of Bromelains also make this enzyme a natural blood thinner.
The breakdown of digestive substances in the enzyme is called the coagulation protein of the fiber protein, which inhibits circulation and prevents the tissue from draining effectively.
European studies have consistently shown that bromelain is also a good treatment for those recovering from motor injuries and necessary tissue repair after surgery.
Evidence suggests that, in particular, some supplementary enzymes can be absorbed directly into the circulation system in the form of activity and then exhibit resistance in the circulation system
It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
Bromelain has been shown to be particularly effective when applied directly to the skin to remove death tissue due to severe burns that have reached all skin layers. These third-
Deep burns are known to be very susceptible to infection and swelling.
The digestive properties of Bromelain clean these areas to remove excess death tissue and its resistance
The nature of inflammation may help reduce the pain caused by swelling.
Pineapple-rich countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii generally believe that pineapple is a drug for wounds.
Another interesting use of Bromelain may be commercial Bromelain as a cough inhibitor and rhinoplasty agent: currently on the market there are doses of commercial bromelain for the treatment of many human and animal diseases
Health experts recommend that, while choosing a commercial pineapple protein product, choose an enzyme supplement that uses a variety of other enzymes.
It is best to mix the enzyme with the active unit at different pH values to ensure maximum effectiveness.
In most cases, bromelain should only be taken for 8 to 10 days, according to experts.
Bromelain has two recognized drug reactions.
The enzyme is said to enhance the activity of antibiotics.
A study showed that amoxicillin in combination with bromelain increased amoxicillin in the blood.
More studies have shown that when used in conjunction with bromelain, the antibiotic, penicillin, is better absorbed, but the researchers say that due to the conflicting research in this field, further
If you are taking herbs such as ginkgo, ginger, vitamin C or garlic, or drugs such as aspirin or warfarin, which is a common blood thinner, pineapple may increase the risk of bleeding.
Therefore, it is better to avoid this enzyme.
In any case, if you take any type of prescription drug, it is better to talk to a health professional before adding any herbs or supplements, as interactions are often common.
There are many nutritional herbs (
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