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by:Liya     2020-04-23
Very long hair is becoming fashionable again! From thick to thin hair, curly to straight, and everything in between, long layered cuts are a nearly maintenance-free, sexy look for any woman. But with long hair comes additional responsibility. Unlike short hair, which requires frequent trims, long hair does not need to be trimmed as often. While many salons tell you that you should get a trim every six to eight weeks, in reality you can go several months without trims as long as your hair remains free of split ends. And in fact, it should--if you develop split ends after less than three months then your hair care routine is to blame. What can be done to improve the health and appearance of long hair and avoid rapid development of split ends? Your hair care routine is more than what you put on your head. Healthy hair starts from the inside--a balanced diet and exercise are very important. Adequate hydration is also very important. If you had to pick only one thing out of the three, making sure you drink plenty of water takes priority over diet and exercise. Your skin, which includes your scalp, is a very thirsty organ--it needs plenty of water to function well! The consumption of vitamins such as vitamin C, E and D, and biotin, will enhance the hair's health. You may also apply vitamin C and E hair serum directly to the hair. Less is more when it comes to long hair. Do not wash it more than every other day. You may get away with washing it once or twice a week if you have very thick or curly hair--women with these hair types have a thin, even distribution of scalp oils over the hair. Those with stick straight or thin hair may need to wash more frequently than thick-haired gals due to an excessive buildup of oil. Washing your hair daily is counterintuitive because it causes your scalp to dry out, and in turn, to compensate it will over-produce oils during the following 24 hour period. Using conditioner is vital, particularly along the shaft and ends of the hair. You can use natural conditioners such as jojoba oil or shea butter, or avocado butter. Comb your hair while wet with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers--the hair shaft is prone to breakage when wet, so never aggressively brush it at this time (or at any time, for that matter!). With a 'less is more' mindset and some TLC, your long hair will remain healthy and gorgeous.
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