Natural Ways To Grow Processed African Hair Long

by:Liya     2020-04-18
In case you have chemically processed hair or just started getting perms or relaxers, this information is an absolute must read to help you increase your hair beyond the nape of your neck. Today, the vast majority of black women now have chemically relaxed hair. This declaration was made not to reduce the rise of women choosing to go natural. Having said that, there remains a real perplexing truth of the matter, many women of color continue to place an extensive amount of heat in addition to harsh chemicals on their hair. Consequently, black women discover their hair looking and feeling excellent for just 1-2 weeks after visiting the beauty salon. However, when they are unable to access their stylist or make it to the beauty shop, women of color realize that their head of hair is usually dry looking, fragile, or maybe shows signs of split ends. The excessively used hot combs and straightening devices, along with the chemical based salon care products, damages the hair. So why? The reason is black hair demands extra moisture, particularly if it has been chemically relaxed for some time and has weakened sulfur bonds. After coloring, and styling with heat black women discover that their hair is definitely damaged and has thinning attributes, not to mention split ends. To cultivate lengthy and strong black hair, particularly relaxed hair, you have to maintain moisture content of your hair higher than 15%. A typical persons hair moisture content ranges around 8% to 10%. Yet, because of the styling techniques applied to hair daily, such as straightening irons, hair dryers, etc... The moisture content frequently falls much lower than the 8% range. This can lead to breakage together with dryness and makes it difficult for hair to grow past the nape of your neck. To overcome the following and boost moisture, women yearning for longer hair should start applying natural hair care products and solutions high in essential oils, that will keep black hair hydrated. So why can't you merely make use of typical artificial haircare products and solutions? Mainly because when your hair attempts to grow beyond ones neck and shoulders, it can be extremely difficult for those ends to obtain the essential oils along with essential fatty acids it requires to remain hydrated and grow. Making use of organic solutions counteracts this, doing for your hair the things nutritional vitamins and supplements do for the body. Natural oils supply essential nutrition towards the hair shaft and scalp in which it wouldn't generally receive.
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