organic hair care

by:Liya     2020-04-03
Hair gel and mousse are your best friends when summer humidity starts.
After a few seconds, your hair is fine and you will never move until you say it\'s okay.
But have you ever thought about what ingredients make these products so effective?
Some will shed tears in your eyes, dry your hair, and stop breathing (
Is before the hair gel cloud precipitation).
However, alternative hair care products can provide the same results without injury and discomfort.
Some are organic and you can drink (
But this is not recommended).
The problem with allergic reactions and toxic chemicals should not be the risk of spraying onto your hair, but they do exist.
Some hair gel contains a chlorine, yellow trag and Arabic gum, which are harmful to the body and sufficient to cause negative reactions to the body.
Many traditional hair products, including mousse and hair gel, are not 100% safe, which may affect your health and environment.
Since you started using mousse, have you noticed that your hair is more dry and the ends are more split?
While mousse is a great hair solution when you try to smooth or scrub your hair, if it contains harsh chemicals, it can also cause damage.
Natural hair Musi does not contain dry ingredients that will make your hair lose moisture and grease.
Instead, they contain plant extracts such as lavender, ginseng, cucumber and rosemary, and pro-vitamin B-5.
These plant proteins add body, shine and strength to your hair.
If you are addicted to hairspray, you may notice more pimples on your face and neck.
By avoiding the traditional hairspray, you can reduce those ugly flaws and spray the fruit
Basic and antioxidant
You have rich ingredients in your hair, such as black cumin, pumpkin, red elegance, red raspberry and cranberry.
These are some of the actual ingredients in Aveda hair gel.
When switching to safer hair care alternatives, it is important to look for 100% safe recipes that come from plantsBasic materials.
The list of ingredients should not have chemicals such as alcohol, petrochemical products and synthetic materials.
Aveda\'s original organic, Bert\'s bees, Kiss My Face and planet plants are just some companies that have created organic hair care.
You can find many of these products in a local shopping mall or hair salon.
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