Prevention and Cure for Dark Under Eye Circles

by:Liya     2020-09-03
There is nothing more that can change your look than having tired looking, gloomy eyes. If you always find yourself flinching whenever you look in the mirror because of your zombie-look due to the dark circles under your eyes, then it's time to take action. Unless Halloween is just around the corner and you are planning to sport that look, then there is no excuse for you to let those dark circles stay.
There are different causes of dark under eye circles. One is genetics. Dark circles are very common among families with fair skin. Genetics is a very formidable enemy but it is not something you cannot find a way around with. Since this is a problem you've been born with, the best treatment for you is the use of eye cream products. An eye cream for dark circles is laden with ingredients that can help change the pigmentation of your skin.
Another reason for dark under eye circles is accumulated blood which leaked through the fragile capillaries around our eye area. Again, one way to treat this problem is to use an eye cream. This time though, it is best to look for an eye cream that can help dissolve the clotted blood on the area and not change the pigmentation of the skin.
Then again, prevention is always better than cure so it is wise to adapt healthy habits to prevent the development of this problem or to stop it from getting severe. One tip is to develop a good sleeping habit. Having eight hours of sleep every night is important because it gives our eyes and the skin around it to rest. Because the capillaries around our eyes are very sensitive, overexerting our eyes like staying up for long hours at night or reading when there is not enough light can cause the capillaries to burst and blood to leak and clot under our eye area.
You can also take vitamin K which helps in repairing damaged blood vessels and encourages circulation of blood. In addition to this, this vitamin also helps in reducing the possibilities of having eye puffiness. Vitamin K is often found on fruits like avocados, kiwis, and leafy green vegetables.
You should also add foods rich in vitamin A in your diet which also helps in repairing damaged skin tissues. Foods like liver, carrots, green vegetables, mangoes, cantaloupe, peaches, and pumpkins are examples.

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