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Solid Conditioner Soap

Wholesale And Handmade Organic Solid Shampoo Bar Private Label For Hair 

* Our solid, hand-cut conditioning shampoo bar contains rosemary oil increases circulation to the scalp, while castor oil leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft. Our all-natural Shampoo Bar is the solid shampoo you've been looking for. It is great for when you are traveling, want a hydrated head of hair or your everyday.

* No chemicals or preservatives.
* Pure, gentle - hair and scalp.
* Deep conditioner shampoos and repairs damaged parts.
* Different colors have different odors.
* Travel-friendly: Concentrated solid shampoo made with natural ingredients.


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* The fragrance lasts long and soothes the skin Fragrance makes you confident


* It is our aim to use natural and harmless raw materials 


* Natural materials




* External use only.


* Avoid contact with eyes.


* Use with caution during pregnancy

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How to use

* For best results, wet hair and rub the bar on your hair until it lathers.


* Work the lather with your fingers before immediately rinsing hair.


* Get your scrub on to ensure all the shampoo is rinsed out. Repeat if necessary.

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