The Difference Between Lip Gloss and Lip Balm

by:Liya     2020-07-30
Lip balms will usually have a more waxy appearance when looking at the product. It feels a little thicker going on the lips but also feels smoother at the same time. It is usually designed to protect or heal chapped issues. Often, it will have an herbal smell, like chamomile or mint. Medicated lip balms can also include soothing agents like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These herbs and compounds soothe damaged skin and help protect it from further damage from the wind, sun, or salt. If the lips are chapped due to dehydration or anemia, lip balms will do little to rectify the problem. Sometimes, lip balm is colored to give it a more attractive shine.
Do not share balm or gloss with friends. We all have a bad habit of sharing beauty products with one another (mainly women) and this can lead to a transfer of some diseases. One strain of the herpes simplex virus is a common and nasty infection. It is very contagious and painful. They create large cold sores that may or may not go away fast. Cold sores can come back in a less mild form but avoiding sharing anything you put on your lips with your friends is a very good rule of thumb to stand by. If you develop any kind of skin problems while using balm or gloss, see a doctor.
Sometimes, lip gloss and lipstick can also be medicated. It isn't usually but there are products out there just like bar soaps and organic bar soaps, lip stick can have a medicated or a more natural presence to it. Medicated types of lip gloss is advisable for people who have continuously chapped lips or sensitive skin but would like to add a little more shine and color to them. If you're having problems with your lips, check the ingredients of your gloss and ensure it doesn't contain alcohol, which can dry out them out.
Alcohol is very bad for your lips. Its bad for your skin in general. Keep an eye out when purchasing any type of lip enhancing or medicated gloss, balm, or stick to prevent damage to your lips. Using medicated lip balms are great for protecting your lips from a sun burn and sun damage. Nothing is like a sunburn on your lip. It is painful. Lip balm is designed to help smooth and make your lips feel smooth and protected. Lip gloss can sometimes be sticky but it can add that color you want.

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