Tips for a Career in Hairdressing

by:Liya     2020-04-05
The hairdressing industry is not only an extremely competitive one but is also one that can lead to a very lucrative career depending on both the training and the type of salon a person eventually joins. The fact that hair styling is such an integral part of a persons appearance means that for people who can afford it they will be willing to pay handsomely for a truly great stylist. And the demand isn't just concentrated from one gender as both men and women look for the latest trends. This has become ever more popular especially with the advent of reality TV and football stars like David Beckham who have given rise to the 'Metrosexual.' So it's very much the case that hairstyling has well and truly joined the ranks of clothing, cosmetics and accessories where people are spending their hard earned disposable income. And if you are willing to spend the hours learning your trade and doing the requisite training then you can definitely forge a lucrative career for yourself. One of the most important factors of being a good hairstylist is to not only undergo a great training programme but also to be truly passionate about your prospective career. You need to understand all different hair types, textures and colours; styles and trends. You also need to understand about the maintenance and general care for hair as a great hairstyle will last much longer with good care. For example if a client is getting their hair done just before going on a sun holiday then they would be best advised to steer clear of chlorine based swimming pools, as the chlorine will strip the hair of its natural oils (sebum) and make the hair look frizzy and lifeless. Once you get a certain amount of experience you will see an unbelievable difference the right hair style can make for someone (as opposed to a wrong choice!). This ability to make a judgement as to what hair style will work and which ones won't is the art of 'training' the eye - and can only be learned over time (with the right guidance by experienced stylists). You need to understand your customer, what do they work at? What are their hobbies? Where do they like to holiday? Once you know more about your customer and apply the necessary precision and artistry then you will be on the right track to achieving a great style for your client. You will also need a great knowledge of the various styling products and what ones work best with which styles. As the market is flooded with so many different types it's obviously impossible to keep up with all but there are specialist ranges which would normally be sold by salons (usually on an exclusive deal). The sales reps for these products normally provide some training for these products also, which is a great way for any prospective stylist to learn about these products. So the world of hairdressing is a very rewarding one for those who are committed to hard work, enjoy working with people and meeting a myriad of different customers.
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