Top 7 Tips to Earning More As a Hairdresser

by:Liya     2020-04-06
If you're a hairdresser, chances are that you want to make more money. The nice thing is that it isn't a big mystery to make more money. Follow these 7 tips to earning more and having more satisfied clients. Be Consistent Your clients want to know what to expect every time they come in. Knowing they'll get the same great service time after time will keep them coming back. Being consistent lets your clients know that they'll get a quality experience each and every time. Ask for Feedback Ask a client what you could be doing better. People like to know that their opinion matters. Listen intently and improve on the suggestions they make. Even if the feedback isn't all positive, it will let you know what you need to work on. Learn new skills The more techniques you can use as a hairdresser, the more different types of clients you can have. Some procedures can command a higher salary so it would be worth your while to learn them. One way to practice a new skill is to teach it to hairdressers in training at your salon or at an apprenticeship school. Be Easy to Schedule With The easier it is for clients to get a hold of you to book appointments, the more likely they are to do so. Email, text messages, Facebook, to name a few are all ways your clients should be able to reach you. Make suggestions You know more than your clients about hairdressing so do be afraid to make suggestions to them about their hair. This way you can upset them on additional services while helping them look their best. Fire bad clients It seems counter intuitive to get ride of clients if you want to make more money but chances are that you have clients that take up a lot of your time. Usually every hairdresser has a couple people that want to hog their attention, always ask for extra service for free, and drain your energy. Politely refer them to someone else to open up space for more good clients. Market Yourself You're your own business so do be afraid to market yourself as one. Go to networking events, email past clients who haven't visited in a while, and get on social media. Any way to get your skill set in front of additional people is going to help you. There were 7 ways to make more money as a hairdresser. These should help you find and retain more and better clients and help you make more money.
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