Water Colon Cleansing - What You Need to Know

by:Liya     2020-09-17
There are a couple of ways to cleanse the colon using water and neither is the most effective method that is out there today. The most effective method is to use an all natural colon cleansing herbal supplement. With that being said water based colon cleansing can work as advertised.
The method of water cleansing that is not recommended is salt water cleanse. In this type of colon cleanse advocates would have you drink some amount of salt water per day that will, in theory, cleanse the colon. In actuality drinking salt water is dangerous and can even be fatal in some circumstances.
The salt content in the body is carefully regulated and altering it drastically can have serious consequences. Even if you do nut suffer serious consequences salt water will dehydrate you and give you diarrhea. While this may not be serious it is definitely not a side effect that most people would volunteer for.
The method of water cleansing that has been shown to be effective is known as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is done in a clinic and will effectively flush some unwanted material from the colon. There are drawbacks to hydrotherapy however.
The most common drawback is that the procedure is embarrassing for many people. Two tubes will be inserted into your anus by a technician. Water is flushed into the colon through one tube and waste material is expelled form the body through the other tube.
The second, and less common, drawback of this type of procedure is that it can lead to infection. Unless each piece of equipment used is properly sterilized there is a risk of infection. Most clinics have strict sterilization policies, but one mistake can have serious consequences.
Instead of a water colon cleansing treatment experts recommend the less invasive and more effective herbal colon cleansing supplements. These supplements are all natural, very effective, and have no known side effects.
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