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Waterproof Permanent Private Label Liquid Eyeliner Glitter Eyeliner

OEM ODM Waterproof Matte Magnetic Eyeliner To Use Magnetic Lashes Attract To Penci Eyeliner Magnetic

* The eyeliner is used to deepen and highlight the eye makeup effect, making the eyes mental. The shape is similar to a pencil. A special pencil sharpener or knife can be used to remove excess wood and improve the thickness of the tip.

* 0.1mm thin tip applicator
* Ophthalmologist test

* The long-lasting color keeps the formula from smearing, smearing or fading throughout the day


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OEM ODM New Makeup Waterproof Colored Magnetic Organic Eyeliner Gel Cream Eyes Cosmetic Gel Shimmer Eyeliner



* Long-lasting eyeliner gel with duo color mixed to create natural and charming eye makeup. It is worn to wear and dry quickly for you to quickly finish makeup. 



* Strong waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-formulation, long-lasting effect.
* It contains moisturizing ingredients and repair factors.
* Easy to use, easy to match different makeup styles.
* Quick-drying.
* Waterproof, anti-fouling.
* Make your eyes nicer and better.
* Help you make quick and easy makeup.
* Enhance the shape and color of your eyes.


OEM ODM Liquid Eyeliner Easy To Wear Strong Suction Magnetic Eyelash Eyeliner 


* This easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner makes the perfect cat's eye a breeze. The formula is waterproof, even and easy to slide, defining the eyes with sharp precision. The formula contains honey and coconut to resist stains, so your winged eyeliner does not look faded or peeled off.



* With a smooth, smooth texture, it helps to create any desire for beauty.
* The formula is mild and soothing, gentle, suitable for sensitive eyes.
* Waterproof and permanent liquid eyeliner.





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How to use

* Dip your angled eyeliner brush into the product


* Glide brush along the lash line, layering as needed to create a thin or thick line.

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