Wedding Ideas On A Budget - Lip Balm Wedding Favors

by:Liya     2020-08-06
So you started planning your wedding and you're looking for some great wedding ideas. When you first got engaged it seemed like the ideas poured into your head. It seemed as though planning your wedding was going to be a breeze. A few weeks later reality kicked in as the prices for everything you needed slowly started to add up and now all you can see is dollar signs. You find yourself looking for savings anywhere you can find them and it's starting to seem hopeless. Well it doesn't have to be hopeless. Over the next few weeks we are going to go through our 10 great ways to save money on your special day!
1st Money saving idea - Buy unlabeled lip balm and make your own labels to save big:
Although you're looking to save money, it is important not to make your guests feel like you are cutting corners. You are asking people to give up their weekend and attend your special day. Most of them will buy a new outfit, cancel other plans and give a generous gift to you and your spouse. The last thing you want to do is insult them by making them feel you are cutting too many corners and still expecting a generous gift.
This makes lip balm a perfect choice. There are currently countless sites online that sell personalized lip balm for as much as $2.00 per unit. They look great and almost everyone loves receiving them. The problem is, at $2.00 per unit they can get pretty pricey. Our idea is to buy unlabeled lip balm and design your own label on your home PC. By buying blank lip balms you can usually save big compared to the sites that do all the work for you. Plus, designing your own label can be easy and fun. This can be done in Microsoft word if you don't have special design software and you can add a picture, a phrase or anything else you would like to make your personalized favor special for your occasion.
Once your done designing, simply get some printable labels from any Walmart or office supply store and print them on your home printer. Your guests will love the personalized touch and it will cost you far less than buying from a company that does all the work for you. Usually you can get unlabeled lip balm online for $.28 - $.42 per unit depending on what site you buy them from. But don't worry, your guests will never know you paid less than the $2.00 the mega sites are charging. You will get a fantastic favor for your guests and no one will ever know that you bought them for not much more than the price of a gumball.
Check back over the following weeks for our 10 great ideas of how to save money on your wedding! This is just #1 of 10.

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