What Are The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Hairdressers?

by:Liya     2020-05-07
For creative people, sometimes business terminology and jargon can be a bit too much to take on board, it can even make learning almost impossible. In simplistic everyman terms it goes like this, the seven habits of highly effective hairdressers are as follows: 1. Embrace Who You Are and Shout It Out. Discover your uniqueness, your competitionA锟絪 weakness and what you do different or better than anyone else and fill the void. 2. Seek Out Ideal Clients. Do you know the difference between a turkey and an eagle? If you throw a turkey into the air enough times telling it to be an eagle, only one thing will definitely happen. Stick to your core values and shout your difference and you will attract the right kind of clients. DonA锟絫 chase turkeys. 3. Know Your Key Ratios. Every serious person in business knows where the money is generated in their business, not all of them know how best to get it, knowing your ratios and averages will help you to laser target the areas you need to realise good business growth 4. Articulating What You Do. The consultation process allows you to see where to polish to get the shine. Be the expert and work to a script that works and give your clients your prognosis and prescription. 5. Focus On Solutions. If you focus on solving the problems you revealed in consultation and nothing else, you will a highly effective hairdresser. Touch it once. Fix it, rinse & repeat. 6. Mining Your Database For Gold. DonA锟絫 focus on the money, you just need the three RA锟絪 Recommendation, Re-booking & Referrals 7. Self Promotion Is Easy & Fun. The power of association is where you will grow exponentially (especially if you are associating with the right people.) Have fun, be passionate and align yourself with companies that service the same target market as you and strike up a mutually beneficial deal. Get organised, creative and brainstorm regularly, donA锟絫 forget to write it all down! Traditional marketing is expensive, often prohibitively so and relative to the cost of wooing back an old or lapsed client it is no wonder that gambling is considered the number cause of business failure i.e ADVERTISING. DonA锟絫 ignore your old or lapsed clients, find out why they havenA锟絫 come back to you, you may even be surprised and get a second chance! Hairdressers are generally creative by nature so once the basics have been mastered there is no limit to the money-making alliances that can be formed.
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