What Causes Frizzy Hair?

by:Liya     2020-04-24
First of all, what is frizzy hair? What does it look like? Frizzy hair is most identified by fraying at the ends of the follicles like a rope that is unwinding. At best fizziness is fairly unmanageable. It is the result of hair that has keratin layers that are opened like scales, instead of one smooth long shaft. This is most often seen in curly, finely textured hair. Some of the individual hairs are curly, some are straight. There is no uniformity. Frizzy hair looks like the untamed mane of a lion. What are the Causes of Untamed Hair There can be several reasons why someone would have frizzy hair. The most common cause is a change in humidity. Another cause is washing too often and with the wrong kind of shampoo that leads to excessive dryness and loss of hydrating oils on the follicle shaft. Harsh shampoos or ineffective conditioners, especially those that have sulfate, may cause hair to be dried out and frizzy. It's worth the effort to search out the best conditioner for frizzy hair - it can be a life safer especially if you have a long or curly hairstyle. If you need to wash your hair daily and have frizz problems, us a mild shampoo to avoid drying it out. Another cause that may set your hair to frizz out is a lack of good nutrition. Lacking certain vitamins will cause your hair follicles to shut down or even die. Proper nutrition and perhaps a vitamin supplements, such as Hair Nutrition Vitamins, are essential to avoid frizz. Who Gets Frizz? Virtually anyone can get frizzy hair. The people most susceptible to this condition, however, are people with hair that is fine textured and has a lot of curl to it. Walking from your office to the local greenhouse will lead you through three different air-moisture zones. Your office has most likely drier air and controlled humidity. Additionally, walking into the street, depending on the time of year and geographical location, will introduce you to another kind of humidity. Lastly, the greenhouse will probably have higher humidity than most places. Your hair will surely notice the differences from start to finish and frizz may not be far off. What Chemical or Mechanical Agents Promote Breaking As already mentioned, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate containing shampoo will strip moisture and natural oils that add protection, strength and shine. Using your blow dryer and curling irons to excess will have the same effect. Chemical treatments used for permanents or coloring agents are harsh and will take away all the moisture it has so that you achieve exactly the opposite of the healthy and nicely groomed hair you were aiming for. Things You Can Do You can eat a healthy diet and take vitamin supplements to ensure your hair gets everything it needs to be smooth and beautiful. You can wash it less that you normally would and use a conditioner afterward. Use organic shampoo with all natural ingredients to avoid drying most certainly find the best conditioner for frizzy hair. Use Argan Oil periodically or hot oil treatments at least once a month to restore luster and shine. When you shampoo, squeeze out the excess moisture and air dry. Comb carefully to avoid snapping and tearing the ends. Use a sparing amount of hair Argan or Jojoba oil and massage it into your scalp and hair. This should leave you frizz free.
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