What Is Scalp Acne?

by:Liya     2020-04-22
The mildest form of scalp acne is known as scalp folliculitus, it is more common than you would expect. Stress has been known to trigger this type of acne. A second reason that it would occur is if the scalp becomes oily because of not washing it regularly enough. It is a good idea to stay away from hair styling products that contain oil which will irritate your scalp, thus aggravating the acne. If you have scalp acne you will have a very itchy head, wanting to scratch it all the time. In its mildest form, the pustules are small, crusty and they get very sore. They appear mainly on the upper forehead at the hairline. There may be a few pustules present on the upper forehead at the hairline. These are usually small and a little crusty, they may become sore after a while. Acne necrotixa miliaris is a more severe kind of scalp acne. The difference is that the papules are bigger, black in color and are usually inflamed. Another drawback is that this type can leave scars which are similar to those left behind after chicken pox. African-American men may be affected by the most severe form of scalp acne, however it is not limited to those people and can affect almost everybody. However this is an extremely rare condition and consists of large cysts with small pustules plus papules, these can grow larger. Best treatment. The best way to treat the mild form of scalp acne is by using salicyclic acid to clean the area that is affected. A word of warning, using these products will result in really dry skin. Be careful to only apply it only to the area where you find the pustules, a good idea is to get someone to help you with the application. Remember that oily hair contributes to scalp acne, I recommend that you use shampoo that is a good fit for oily hair and scalp. Seborrhea is a common skin problem, symptoms include red itchy rash as well as white scales. If it is in the scalp we call it dandruff. There are many hair care products designed to take care of dandruff. Tips on what not to use. Do not use any hair care product that has benzoyl peroxide in it. This can change the natural color of your hair and can cause other problems if used regularly. Should you have the more severe form of scalp acne, do not attempt to do anything with it by yourself. Book a consultation with a dermatologist or consult your local doctor first.
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