What Makes Hair Vitamins Good for Your Hair?

by:Liya     2020-04-24
Just like with everything in your body, your hair is affected by your vitamin intake. It is widely known that the right combination of nutrients, minerals, and amino acids will give you strong hair and in some cases these vitamins help with hair growth. The vitamin intake is also responsible for the way the hair feels and the way it looks. However when you think of a healthy body and how it is affected by vitamins, people hardly ever think about their hair and the needs it has in order to be healthy. These vitamins become even more important as we age and when our bodies need to get the proper nutrition the most. The hair needs that nutrition as much as the skin, and the bones. Things That Damage Your Hair There are some things that you may do in your everyday life that will have a negative effect on the look, feel and even the strength of your hair. Some of these actions are the same that doctors have been telling people to avoid for years now. Smoking and drinking are two major components that have the most negative effect on your hair as well as in much of your body. Birth control pills may be something that you take in order to control hormones or prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but it does eat up nutrients your body needs. Taking vitamins will help counter that effect. Getting a high-quality vitamin in your diet will help many organs function better in addition to promoting healthy, vibrant hair. Prenatal Vitamins Some women will take prenatal pills when they are not actually pregnant. There is nothing wrong with doing that because these vitamins will not harm your body. These prenatal vitamins are pretty much the same as the multivitamins that you would buy at the drugstore; the one difference is that they actually do contain a higher percentage of folic acid. Because prenatal vitamins are made with a pregnant woman in mind they are pretty good at providing the extra nutrition that you would need for faster growing hair and hair that is stronger. The same amounts can be found in foods like fruits and vegetables, but if you are not following the best diet that you can have, then prenatal vitamins are great as an option. Why Vitamins Promote Healthy Hair The hair follicles on your head need a certain amount of nutrition and care to insure they are functioning properly. Essential fatty acids, vitamins E and B complex as well as zinc work in different ways to insure the follicles are working optimally as well as the sebaceous glands. This will insure that your hair is not only growing at the best rate but that the oil production is neither overactive nor stunted. What Vitamins to Use 'Hair vitamins' often are formulated to provide the best combination of nutrients needed for scalp and hair health. You can opt for a multi-vitamin also - the key is to ensure no deficiency that may be causing breaking, tearing, dryness or slow growth. A lot of doctors will in fact tell you to take a multivitamin because they already contain the essential elements that your hair requires and the nutrients it needs for other body functions. These multivitamins are important because they promote a healthy body and the hair is included. Other than that you can promote healthy hair with the proper diet and by steering clear of harmful agents such as smoking and drinking. You should also limit blow drying your hair and use towels instead to prevent additional damage.
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