What Qualities Make a Product Different?

by:Liya     2020-04-14
I have been a hair stylist for 17 years. My number one frustration with clients is, they want what they see in a picture but they don't realize, every picture that is in a magazine has been touched up with a curling iron or a straightener. The reason for this is that when you use a hot tool on hair, it smooths the cuticle, which is the outer layer of your hair. Then what happens, is you get more shine especially in photos because you hair reflects the light. Now I personally think every women should own both a straightener and curling iron. It is amazing the difference you can make with a little curl here and there, or if you already have curly hair, you can just touch it up a little and that will help cut down the frizz. If you have straight hair, you could still benefit from a straightener or iron. It will make your hair shiny. I often see people that have straightened their hair and they have it poker straight. If you put a sight curve in it, it will give it a softer look. When you're looking for any hot tool, you want to get one that has a temp gauge so that you don't fry your hair. If you have fine hair use a lower temp to help protect it from damage. Use a higher temp for course hair. You may be surprised to hear that a little bit of damage is OK. If your hair is too healthy it won't hold a style for long. Now of course depending on what look you're going for this will be helpful. If you want straight hair that lies nice and flat than the healthier the better. I rarely hear that statement though. Usually it's body people want. If your hair is damaged too much the first thing to do would be cut some off but if that isn't an option you need to repair it. No matter what anybody tells you or when commercial says 'This product will repair your hair', in my opinion they're lying. Yes conditioner can help make your hair feel softer, but your best conditioner is your own oil. Now I know, we have been programed to wash and condition our hair every day. That is only to the benefit of big companies to make money off their sales. I do not recommend washing every day. Like I said, your own oil is the best conditioner. If you have oily hair, this is harder to do. What I recommend for those is to only wash your root, as the shampoo washes out of your hair, it will grab all the dirt on it's way out. If you're using a good quality shampoo, it will cost you a bit more to buy a salon product but it lasts longer because it is more concentrated, you don't need as much. If your hair is dirty you won't get much lather, don't add more shampoo. Rise and re-wash.
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