Working With Beeswax

by:Liya     2020-08-09
So you've heard of honey, you've heard of bees and you've heard of wax. Most people know that honey is great for tea and dessert. They also know that bees are best swatted away. So what do you do with beeswax? It turns out beeswax is an amazing product for so many different things, particularly in the health and beauty world.
First and foremost, beeswax makes for a wonderful lip balm base. It's all-natural and when applies, gives smooth and supple lips. Many lip balms on the market are made up of petroleum and chemicals that actually dry out the lips instead of concealing moisture. A beeswax lip balm will usually be void of harmful chemicals and additives.
Bulk beeswax can also be used to make hair pomade and mustache wax. If searching for these products on the market, check the label to ensure that they are made up of beeswax. Furthermore, beeswax can be used as a cream, similar to petroleum jelly.
Aside from being found in products, it can also be purchased wholesale. When searching for the product, look for 'pearls' or 'granules', typically packaged as either yellows or whites. These granules will be easier to work with than traditional blocks. The smaller pearls will maintain the aroma and qualities that you love, but you won't be forced to work with a giant block that many companies sell.
Aside from the health and beauty aspects, the product is also great for candle making. If you are familiar with the Catholic religion, you surely know about the Easter candle that is lit in church. This candle is traditionally all beeswax. To make your own candles, simply purchase the bulk wholesale beeswax and a wick from your nearest craft store. You can melt the wax, mix with your favorite fragrance oils and at the wick, pour into a mold and soon you will have your own homemade candle...perfect for gifts or just using around the house. Fragrance oils can usually be purchased from wholesalers, just be sure to look for super concentrated oils. Oftentimes, companies will sell fragrance oils, but they will be diluted. Diluted fragrance oils don't work so great for candle making, as they will produce a weak scent when mixed with your wax. At the same time, understand that concentrated fragrance oils are super strong, so careful when working with them.
Other uses for beeswax include:
Shoe polish
Furniture polish
Modeling mold
Cutler's resin
Easter Egg decorating
Now that you know a bit more about the wax, it's time to try it out. Purchase some wholesale bulk beeswax from an online supplier and work with it. You will be in control of creating your own products, void of the harmful additives that you find at your nearest health and beauty stores.

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