7 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Long Hair The Way

by:Liya     2020-04-19
If you want your long hair to be shiny and lush, you've got to maintain it properly. Long, sexy hair can look gorgeous in any style when it's well cared for. But when long hair is damaged, dry, or frizzy, no style is going to look good. Long hair is more likely to get damaged and break. It's more prone to split ends, can be hard to manage in summer's humidity and gets dried out in the winter. But you can manage your long hair to keep it looking gorgeous all year long - these 7 tips will show you how. 1. Get A Layered Cut When your hair is all one length, it tends to look flat and drags the appearance of the face down. By adding layers, your hair will have more bounce and volume. Layers around your face will help to frame your features, while longer, subtle layers reduce the weight of the hair giving it more movement. In fact, well cut layers can camouflage droopy jowls or balance out the shape of your face. 2. Keep Trimmed Long hair doesn't look its best if it's not maintained, and the most basic of maintenance is keeping it trimmed. Regular trims help keep your style shaped well and prevent split ends. You should see your stylist for a trim every 6-8 weeks, and make sure to only get scissor cuts; use of a razor can increase the appearance of split ends. 3. Deep Treat Each Week Your hair grows about a half inch each month. If you've got hair down to the middle of your back, imagine how old the ends of those strands are. Some of your hair has been around for a year or two - or possibly longer! Trims will get rid of split ends, but regular deep treatments are vital for keeping the ends of your hair from drying out and breaking. Once a week, skip your regular conditioner and apply a deep treatment. If you hair is subjected to extreme conditions - like sun, chlorine, coloring or heat - you may want to treat it twice a week. 4. Wash & Condition Your Hair Hair should be washed several times a week with a shampoo that's formulated for your hair - oily, combination, dry or normal. Focus on the scalp and roots where oil and product accumulates, then work lather out to the ends. After washing, make sure to condition your hair. Where washing is focused more on the roots, conditioner is most vital to the dry ends of your long hair. Leave it on for at least a full minute before rinsing thoroughly. 5. Use Dry Shampoo Your long hair may seem like it has a split personality; while the roots are oily, the ends are dry and frizzy. If frequent washing because of oily scalp is causing frizzy ends, why not try a dry shampoo? These talc-based powders absorb oil to keep hair looking fresh longer - without the drying effect of shampoo. You can skip one or two shampoos a week this way. 6. Avoid Overheating Stay away from heat-styling as much as possible; that means avoiding the blow dryer, the flat iron and the curling brush. It damages and dries our hair, making it more susceptible to breaking and frizz. Let your hair air-dry as often as you can. If you most straighten, only do the out layers of your hair and make sure to use a serum or other product designed to protect hair from heat. 7. Be Careful How You Accessorize Some hair accessories should be avoided if you have long hair. Elastic bands aren't good for anyone's hair, but they're especially damaging to long hair. Stick with the softer fabric 'scrunchies' for your ponytail. Styling combs and headbands should be made from a heavy plastic rather than thin stuff to avoid having the teeth break off in your hair and cause tangles. When styling your hair, make sure you don't tug or tangle in ways that cause breakage or tangling.
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