Kids Crafting - Ideas for Occupying Your Youngsters

by:Liya     2020-08-08
Your kids are occupied with their video games, iPads, and other electronics, but you're worried their creative minds are slowly starting to diminish. What happened to the good old days of crafting and spending time with other humans instead of the virtual worlds they occupy today? It's important to keep their creativity going, so get started with a craft. Having a finished product will make your child feel accomplished and encourage them to create more. It's this mentality that has helped mold some of the world's finest artist. So what can you do? Why not make some soaps, lip balms, candles and other useful household items.
Soap making is a great at-home activity. Using soap molds, colors, fragrances and oils, kids can make personalized products that will actually keep them clean! What could be better for a parent? Not only are they rekindling their creative mojo's, they are also making something that will encourage them to clean themselves!
To get started, find a melt and pour soap base. Many online suppliers sell bulk wholesale melt and pour soap bases. This will be the start of your crafting. Once you decide on a base (glycerine, goat milk, etc.), you can get to the fun part. This base will be melted, and when it is, you can add so many different things. Do you want the soap to have a scent? Buy a fragrance oil and add it to the soap when it's melted. Be sure to find a super concentrated fragrance oil for best results. A diluted oil will likely not yield the results you want. What else can you add? Essential oils are great to add if you want extra skin benefits. Some essential oils will be great for maintaining moisture, healing scars or even helping with signs of aging.
There are countless uses and benefits to essential oils, so see what's out there. Finally, you can pour this base into your child's favorite mold. Many soap making suppliers have options that work great for kids. You can even use molds for your favorite licensed characters. I've found that many companies sell molds for cakes or pies that are Disney, Nickelodeon or other characters your kids love. These are great for soaps. Once poured, they will harden and your child will have their own soap that they helped create, something that will no doubt encourage them to use the great product.
There are plenty of other craft ideas to do with your kids. Check out some of my other articles to learn about candle making, lip balm creation and even how to make your own line of bath and body products. For soap, find a bulk wholesale soap supplier that sells everything in one place so your job is as easy as possible. Happy crafting!

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